US Airlines Policies for Pregnant Travelers

us airlines policies for pregnant travelers

As we have already pointed out, you may travel by plane without any restrictions. You can fly on commercial airlines without restriction during your first and second trimesters, but during your third trimester you may run into some RESTRICTIONS.

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Is it Safe to Fly while Pregnant?

is it safe to fly while pregnant

If your pregnancy is NORMAL and HEALTHY, it is absolutely safe to fly during the most part of it. Of course, you’ll need to talk to your obstetrician or wife that you’re planning to travel by plane. They’ll know exactly what advice to give you and if there are any risks in your case.

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Pregnancy and Air Travel

pregnancy and air travel

Suppose you planned to TRAVEL BY PLANE and have already bought a ticket but found out that you’re PREGNANT. However, you’re not certain whether it would be a good idea to go ahead with your planned trip.

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Fear of flying: How Safe is it to Fly?

how safe is it to fly

If you are one of the many who suffer from flight anxiety, then you will know full well the feelings of terror leading up to an up and coming flight. The fear of flying can present itself in all sorts of forms, from sweating palms to full on anxiety attacks where your heart pounds and… Read more »

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How to Deal with Common Health Issues when Flying

deal with common health issues when flying

Are you one of those people who shudder to think about getting on an airplane simply because you just know that you’ll feel horrible from departure to arrival? Do you happen to be forced to put up with MOTION SICKNESS or even PAINFUL EARACHES whenever you fly? Than, I bet you could use some tips,… Read more »

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Is the Photon Shower a Better Cure for Jet-Lag?

is the photon shower a better cure for jet-lag

The never-ending issue of jet lag seems to have been given a SOLUTION. At last! And it also appears that you will finally be able to eliminate your jet lag provided you resort to a simple and eerily common activity which all of us take for granted each and every single day. Anyway, to put… Read more »

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Our Top 10 Jet Lag Tips

jet lag tips

Try to accommodate your body clock to the new time zone a few days before you depart. This means that if you’re traveling east, you may go to sleep earlier. Start by shifting it a half-hour earlier every night for several nights in a row before you leave.

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The Cure for Jet Lag

cure for jet lag

Any frequent traveller who has crossed three or more time zones suffered from jet lag. Jet lag is in fact temporary disruption of normal circadian rhythm caused by high-speed travel across several time zones typically in a jet aircraft, resulting in fatigue, disorientation, and disturbed sleep patterns. What if you were able to REDUCE or, why not,… Read more »

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How to Deal with Jet-Lag

deal with jet-lag

If you’ve been feeling very TIRED and sometimes CONFUSED after having flying a very long distance, than you’re certainly suffering from jet lag. This is not exactly a medical condition. It is rather a physiological one and basically results from the modifications that occur in the body’s circadian rhythms during such a long and tiring… Read more »

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Are You a Flying Phobic? Here’s What You Should Do on the Plane

flying phobic

Meditate. Or, to put it differently, find a way to control your thoughts. You may try to think about something that makes you feel good, or at least something that will make you forget about your creeps. You may also consider listening to yourself breathe, say the alphabet backwards or count to 1,000.

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Our Top 10 Fear of Flying Tips

fear of flying tips

1. Don’t keep your fear of flying a secret. Inform the cabin crew that you tremble at the thought of getting on the plane. Let them all know, the gate agent, the flight attendant or the passengers around you. You won’t be made a monkey out of yourself if you do that.

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How to Conquer Your Fear of Flying?

conquer your fear of flying

Any statistic will inform you that TRAVELING BY PLANE is one of the safest means of transportation. Despite this, let’s say, somewhat universal truth, there is no statistic in the whole wide universe to make you fell more composed, less agitated, worried or even frantic when you have to reach a certain destination by plane.

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Fear of Flying – How to Avoid it

fear of flying

Most people have to live with a fear of something, and if you happen to know someone saying he/she fears only God or something like that, be sure they’re afraid of facing their own fears. When it comes to FEAR OF FLYING, there are two basic paths one can follow, as it happens with any kind… Read more »

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Our Top 10 Tips for Your Next Red-Eye Flight

tips for your next red-eye flight

How about taking JOY in your future red-eye flight and not just take it patiently? Just take account of the following tips and make the most of your time in the air. You’ll not only manage to adjust to the NEW TIME ZONE  you’ve just flown but you’ll also be able to get through the… Read more »

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