About us

SeatMaestro® offers airline seat information and detailed seat maps for both regular and low-cost flights on 178 airlines worldwide, updated daily.

In 2004, 2 frequent flyers from Spain launched SeatMaestro.com. After thousands of hours in the air, they soon realized that all seats are not created equal (especially in economy class). Well aware of the immense differences between airline seats, they decided to show other travelers how to best choose a seat when preparing to fly.

Up until today, we have carefully drawn seat maps belonging to airlines. In these seat maps, we are providing valuable information on each individual seat in order to help travelers with their decisions. Additionally, we have created a platform where other experienced travelers can write reviews about their flight experiences and even rate individual airplanes according to different metrics.

SeatMaestro offers up-to-date airline seat maps, seat reviews and a color-coded system to find the best airplane seats during your next flight. For each aircraft, we provide detailed information on seat pitch (amount of legroom), seat recline, seat width and in-flight amenities.

In addition, we offer airline specific information regarding Check-in, Baggage Allowance, Minors and Traveling with Babies and Pets. Add a review on your last flying experience and become part of our community!