Our Top 10 Tips for Holiday Air Travel

tips for holiday air travel

Who doesn’t like SPENDING THE HOLIDAYS somewhere special and have the time of their lives during the holidays? Everyone is after that! I guess that travelling during the holidays is the only time of the year when we gladly put ourselves through stress, we probably gladly stand in long lines and may even find it… Read more »

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Things To Remember when Packing Your Bags

things to remember when packing your bags

LIGHT LUGGAGE – that is the golden rule which you should bear in mind when travelling, not only by plane but also by train or ship or coach or anything similar. Make light baggage the first rule when you even consider packing your bags.

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The Quest for the Most Fabulous Airplane Ticket Prices

airplane ticket

We all know that prices in so far as airline tickets are concerned differ significantly not only from day to day but also from carrier to carrier. The price you pay for a PLANE TICKET depends to a great extent on the place as well as the moment you choose to buy.

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Are 16G Seats Able to Protect You?

16g seats

Indeed, few people or most often nobody outlives an airplane crash. And it is equally true that if a plane simply fall from the sky, there will be no one aboard to survive the crash. However, there are certain situation in which SAFETY FEATURES may help save lives.

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Why Would You Sit in the Emergency Exit Row?

emergency exit row

Sometimes, when looking for a very good seat for your next flight, you may find out that you’re recommended to choose one that is located in the EXIT ROW. Exit rows seats would sometimes be suggested as good seats because they commonly have more legroom. However, roomines comes at a price since there are several… Read more »

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Are Aisle Seats your Cup of Tea?

aisle seats

When it comes to choosing your seat on the plane, I am absolutely sure that the number of those clamoring for a middle seat is pretty close to nil. Any traveler craves for the bit of INDEPENDENCE and SECLUSION of a window or aisle seat.

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How Are Seats Assigned to Disabled People?

seats assigned to disabled people

We have already argued that DISABLED PEOPLE should and more than often do travel with as many rights as anyone else or with as many opportunities and enjoying as many facilities just as any other traveler.

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Are You For or Against Window Seats?

airplane window seats

I guess that if you were to ask any potential passenger which seat he or she would prefer, you’d certainly find out that almost all travelers would rather sit in a window or aisle seat. The fact is that nobody wants to sit in the middle.

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On Legroom and Airplane Seat Pitch

airplane seat pitch

How can you tell the amount of legroom you will be able to find once you take your seat on the plane? What about seat pitch? Are these two concepts, i.e. legroom and seat pitch interchangeable?

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Bulkhead Seats

advantages and disadvantages of bulkhead seats

A BULKHEAD is practically a dividing wall between cabins on long haul flights. In case of short flights, such a seat is commonly a sliding curtain. A bulkhead is therefore a divider which separates the classes or sections of a plane. A bulkhead is more than often a wall but, a curtain or a screen.

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Top Tips on What Not to Pack

what not to pack

The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) have a policy of “when in doubt, leave it out”. The build up to those final steps of packing for our long awaited trip can easily turn into an obsessive case packing misadventure as many of us are unclear about what we can or cannot take. Here are the things… Read more »

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The 11 Most Dangerous Airports in the World


Everyone loves to travel and most of us find the rush of take-off and landing in a large jet plane fun and exhilarating. Some airports pose more of a risk with this procedure than others and you may be getting more of an adrenalin rush than you bargained for. Let’s take a look at the… Read more »

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Great Airport Survival Tips


Checking in at airports is definitely taking longer these days due to the current staff reductions and added security checks. It makes the whole process longer and more unpredictable. A surprising 40% of US passengers get anxious about travelling, making the stress of the airport seem overwhelming. Streamlining your airport experience can be easily achieved… Read more »

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How to Choose the Best Airplane Seats – Part II

the best airplane seats

It goes without saying that not all the seats existing on a plane are a perfect match. The aircraft in itself does not have a perfect shape so it cannot contain perfectly corresponding seats. There are some planes which offer more legroom towards their back while things stand differently with others.

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How to Choose the Best Airplane Seats – Part I


First of all, let’s look at some definitions: Seat Pitch is the distance between one seat and the same point on another seat directly in front or behind. It is often confused with “legroom” but it is not exactly the same thing. Legroom is the space available for passengers to stretch their legs while seated. You… Read more »

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