cure for jet lag

The Cure for Jet Lag

Any frequent traveller who has crossed three or more time zones suffered from jet lag. Jet lag is in fact temporary disruption of normal circadian rhythm caused by high-speed travel across several time zones typically in a jet aircraft, resulting in fatigue, disorientation, and disturbed sleep patterns. What if you were able to REDUCE or, why not, DO AWAY with all these bothering symptoms, which may ruin your journey. I bet it would be fantastic.

But……… can one really find a cure for jet lag?

Well, if we are to consider the ideas brought forward by Lynne W. Scanlon and Charles F. Ehret, Ph.D, you can. The TWO AUTHORS are known to have demystified jet lag and explained its symptoms from a scientific point of view.

Charles F. Ehret may be considered a pioneer in Chronobiology and Chronotechnology. He is well known for his studies of CIRCADIAN RHYTHMS which practically paved the way to a widely appreciated systematic plan for therapy in order to fight jet lag. His findings raised the trips of a large number of plane passengers to a more excellent quality. In fact, his studies managed to set up the first multifarious system whose aim was to reduce the effects of jet lag to an absolute minimum.

He was Senior Scientist Emeritus of the Argonne National Laboratory and President of General Chronobiotics. In fact he is well known as the coauthor with Lynne Waller Scanlon of the international bestseller, The Cure for Jet Lag. The book was first published by Berkley Publishing.

Lynne Waller Scanlon, who co-authored The Cure for Jet Lag with the late Charles F. Ehret, is well known as the publisher of Back2Press Books. She is also best known for her international literary blog of, as she wittily puts it, “Cranky Critiques & Random Rants”, i.e.

Mrs Scanlon is also founder and publisher of NYC-based Back2Press Books, an imprint which practically resuscitates books that sunk into oblivion. Back2Press Books’ first release is the international bestseller, The Cure for Jet Lag, previously known as Overcoming Jet Lag.

The books is particularly interesting as it offers a CURE FOR JET LAG PROGRAMME which has so far helped thousands of plane passengers fight jet lag symptoms. It puts forward a 3-STEP SYSTEM in as clear and simple manner as possible. Thus, according to the authors as well as its readers, as those unnerving and troublesome symptoms of jet lag may be totally left behind. In addition, what makes this book more original than the other chiliad of jet lag publications is the fact that it demystifies jet lag by analyzing its symptoms from a SCIENTIFIC POINT OF VIEW. Furthermore, the authors did not limit their research at breaking down jet lag symptoms, they also managed to bring forward manners or procedures of dealing with them.

Thus, the book starts with a detailed analysis of jet lag symptoms, i.e. acute fatigue, persistent insomnia, mental confusion and even slowed response time. The following chapters offer a plain and comprehensible anatomy of time zones, how they influence our bodily rhythms and, most importantly how to adapt your body clock to the new environment.

Readers are suggested a three step program which describes how to successfully deal with jet lag by making use of particular meals or drinks such as tea or coffee.

They also suggest certain PHYSICAL or MENTAL ACTIVITIES as well as specific surroundings. Still, we consider that this book is particularly original as its 3-step program for dealing with jet lag does not encourage the use of any medicines such as sleeping pills.

In fact, it offers ALTERNATIVES and promotes an all-natural alternative “tricks” body clocks into a new time zone before the plane lands through the use of carefully timed caffeinated beverages, proven high-energy and sleep-inducing foods, periods of natural and artificial light and appropriately timed periods of activity.

All in all, it is sensible to consider that any problem is best dealt with if we proceed by grasping its causes and its characteristic. Besides, if you make in a little effort to anticipate a problem, you will not have to make in a great dealt of effort to deal with the issue. After all, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.