deal with common health issues when flying

How to Deal with Common Health Issues when Flying

Are you one of those people who shudder to think about getting on an airplane simply because you just know that you’ll feel horrible from departure to arrival? Do you happen to be forced to put up with MOTION SICKNESS or even PAINFUL EARACHES whenever you fly? Than, I bet you could use some tips, which might just make your flight experience a bit more bearable.

Most of the airplane passengers fly with the impression that they have been packed in like sardines. The majority of the flights are fully booked and most of the planes take off jam-packed. You can hardly speak about LEGROOM in such a flight, except for the first class. And to make things seem even more checked up, the seats themselves seem to have been narrowed.

And the aisles… these paths have somewhat been bottle-necked and it is more and more inconvenient to browse your way though the corridor. You may therefore find out that you’re stuck in a certain position for the duration of the flight and that it is almost impossible for you to even breathe. No wonder that your entire journey may turn into an agonizing, painful experience. Indeed, the majority of the flights nowadays are completely booked. The feeling that you get when flying in a fully booked flight is that of being packed like a sardine.

The only place on the plane where you can get a REASONABLE AMOUNT OF LEGROOM is the business class. No wonder that your entire body is aching all through the flight. Being stuck in a position for two or three hours will by all means be the source of that continuous dull pain which makes you think of nothing else but arrival. Still, there are a few things you may try to do away with your misery. You may try taking an anti-inflammatory before setting off. Remember what they say about that ounce of prevention…It is certainly better than cure.

Then, you may try fidgeting a little bit. Don’t just move restlessly and try not to look like a cat on a hot tin roof but do try to move your arms or legs around. AVOID annoying the other passengers and do your best to make your journey as comfortable as possible. And if you feel like getting up and walking along the aisle as little bit, why shouldn’t you go for it?

However, if your journeys are usually MISERABLE because of motion sickness, one of the best things you can do is to book a seat in the most stable part of the plane. Get a WINDOW SEAT over the wing. And you may also have a look at the seat maps before you book your exact seat. Besides, the flight attendant will certainly assign a seat, which will make your flight fell as less turbulent as possible, once you let her or him know that you suffer from motion sickness. Furthermore, if you turn the air on, you’ll feel less sick when cool air is blowing over you.

Still, when it comes to what you should not do… don’t eat before flying. Avoid crisps, pretzels or any type of biscuits because a full stomach may help your nausea. And do not drink alcohol or carbonated beverages. You’ll get easily nauseated if you drink alcohol. On the other hand, sparkling drinks will make your flight quite uncomfortable, as the bubbles in carbonated beverages get bigger in your stomach during a flight. Also, if it is nausea you’re worrying about, than you should avoid reading on the plane. You won’t be able to concentrate and have a hard time following the lines from the book. Just try looking out the window and watching the skies. You may be surprised but this gazing into thin air sometimes helps.

Moreover, do try to avoid strong smells or better said, fragrances. Don’t start a flight with tons of PERFUME because you’ll turn yourself into a strong offensive smelling thing. And that’s just another reason to feel sick or dizzy. You may consider taking anti-nausea medication before getting aboard the plane. Try plant pills or anything that your attending physician may recommend.

Last but not least, if you happen to experience a PAIN IN THE EARS whenever you fly, you may consider taking a decongestant before getting on the plane. But do not take it just because you heard somebody that it worked for him or her. ASK YOUR DOCTOR FIRST. You may also try chewing gum, as you’ll manage to even the pressure felt by your ears. Toddles use pacifiers… you’ll just have to stick to gum.

Anyway, we hope that you’ll find these tips helpful and that your following flight will be more enjoyable than the previous ones.