Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find information on an airline or even plane that happens not to be featured on

Generally speaking, you may also find seat maps on the airline’s website. However, you will not be able to get color-coded information on the pros and cons of seats. Still, you’ll be able to get a general picture of what the airplane seat plan looks like. We’d also like to point out that we aim to constantly perfect our website. Therefore, we’ll continue to include more pertinent as well as practical information on

How may I express my opinion on an airline, aircraft or seat if it is not featured on ?

You are more than welcome to send us any information referring to any carrier or even airplane that is not featured on You may also get in touch with us by our contact form and will do our best to assist you with any information you need as soon as possible.

What are power ports?

Power ports are normally fitted in the seat armrest or, sometimes under the seat. They allow you to plug in you laptop, DVD player or any other type of similar electronic device. Power ports are identified by the specific sign shown here. You may also see the Seatmap Key. The most common power ports used on a plane are the AC, DC and Empower. You’ll need a special adapter in order to be able to use a DC Power or Empower port.

How was a seat labeled as Purple Seat, or “Beware” Seat?

“Beware” Seats are labeled with a purple icon. This means that you’d rather avoid it. Such seats are usually characterized by several drawbacks such as no window, little legroom, seat pitch or even restricted recline. If you mouse over this seat you’ll have a comment that will explain why you should avoid it.

How was a seat labeled as Purple/Green Seat, or “Good but Beware” Seat?

“Good but Beware” Seats are labeled as such in order to let you know that there are both pros and cons.  If you mouse over this seat you’ll have a comment that will explain its positive as well as negative aspects.

Why are seats colored white and why are they not specifically labeled?

A white seat is what is commonly known as a standard seat. They comply with the standard pitch and width corresponding to a particular aircraft.

Am I able to print the seatmaps featured on

Of course, you are. You may also download or email the seatmap as a pdf.

Whom shall I turn to if I experience technical difficulties with the website?

If you somehow experience technical difficulties when browsing the site, you may access the site map and you’ll be able to easily find a direct link to any info you may need. Older browsers will more pose difficulties when searching the site and a mere upgrade of your browser is more than likely to solve your problem.

How can I tell which aircraft I’ll be in?

You may easily track a flight in North America or Europe by inserting the data referring to your flight, such as the airline name, flight number and departure date in our Flight Tracker form.

What does Seat Pitch refer to?

The distance between a seat and the same point on another seat directly in front or behind. It is often confused with “legroom” but it is not exactly the same thing. Legroom is the space available for passengers to stretch their legs while seated. You should be looking for the seats that have the largest pitch.

What do bulkhead seats refer to?

A bulkead in practically a rigid partition in a plane. It is is practically a dividing wall between cabins on long haul flights and in case of short flights, it is commonly a sliding curtain. A bulkhead is therefore a divider which separates the classes or sections of a plane. Apart from separating the business and economy classes, such bulkheads may be encountered allover the plane, separating the seats from the galley as well as the lavatory areas. It thus follows that bulkhead seats are the seats located directly behind these bulkhead screens. You may find more information on bulkhead seats in our article about The Advantages and Disadvantages of Bulkhead Seats.

Who may sit in the Exit Row?

According to FAA , passengers that sit in exit rows have to comply with the following rules:

  • Have to have already reached their fifteen birthday
  • Be completely mobile
  • Be capable to follow commands
  • Be ready to handle emergency equipment if case may be.

Therefore, you have to be both physically capable as well as willing to perform emergency actions if you sit in emergency or exit rows. If you’re not, just ask the flight attendant to give you another seat.

Am I able to find information on what to do when flying with a pet?

Certainly. You’ll find information on each carrier’s specific rules on the left hand menu. Moreover, our blog also provides pertinent information on Traveling with Pets.

What about flying with my assistance dog? Where can I find info on this topic?

According to FAA regulation, you are allowed to take your service pet with on on the plane. However, there are certain rules that you need to comply to. You may find more on what to do when traveling with assistance dogs in USA or Europe in our articles, i.e. Travelling with Assistance Dogs in USA and Travelling with Assistance Dogs in Europe.

How may I write a review on an aircraft?

Each aircraft has a “Write a review” button which is located immediately under the description of the aircraft, on the right of the plane seat map.


On clicking this button, you’ll have a review form that will allow you to enter information as well as comments on your flight. This is a system that enables us to gather review for each separate aircraft so that you may be informed as accurately as possible.
However, if you happen to have any questions or  queries on any carrier or aircraft, you may also get in touch with us by our contact form and will do our best to assist you with any information you need as soon as possible.

Am I able to change my seat via Seatmaestro?

No, I’m afraid not. Our aim is to offer you daily updated information on airplane seats as well as detailed seat maps. We do our best to keep you informed but you’ll have to get in tough with your travel agency or carrier to ask about changing your seat.

How frequently is updated? is updated every day.

How may I find more information on Seatmaestro background?

You’ll be able to find more information on our Company overview on our About us page.

How may I get in touch with you?

You will be able to get in touch with us by our contact form and will do our best to assist you with any information you need as soon as possible.