is the photon shower a better cure for jet-lag

Is the Photon Shower a Better Cure for Jet-Lag?

The never-ending issue of jet lag seems to have been given a SOLUTION. At last! And it also appears that you will finally be able to eliminate your jet lag provided you resort to a simple and eerily common activity which all of us take for granted each and every single day. Anyway, to put in in a nutshell, you’re on for a jet lag treatment once you’ve stepped into a shower.

The idea of a light shower that cures jet lag emerged from a talk that the creative from Wieden & Kennedy had with Dr. Russell Foster, the all known sleep expert. But what exactly is this innovative concept? The “Photon Shower” is in fact a light chamber which provides LIGHT THERAPY.

The concept was exhibited at the TED Long Beach Conference and represents the company’s constant quest to enhance its passenger’s flying experience. The shower allows you introduce information related to your travel and then go through a light sequence that recreates the effects of sunlight. Such an experience is said to fight jet lag and make your traveling great.

So, if you happened to arrive at TED 2013 feeling jet lagged, you certainly had the chance of feeling fresh again. Stepping into the Delta Photon Shower will indeed be able to do away with all the exhaustion accumulated during traveling. Professor Russell Foster, the mind behind all this novel and creative device, came up with this idea following his research on how our body reacts to light, and how its reactions may assist our circadian rhythms line up after long flights as well as the following and annoying jet lag. In fact, according to the W+K creative Catherine McCurry, Dr. Foster suggested that people might one day simply ‘bathe in light’ or some sort of “photon shower” which will make them feel REJUVENATED and GOOD TO GO.

Nevertheless, creating a photon shower was, by all means, a labyrinthine task. Building this device not only involves devising the physical structure but also the application needed in order to make the photon shower work. The results emerged into a “delightfully multimedia process” which has blue light interweaving with a specific sound pattern, an absolutely sui generis environment. The feeling which anyone gets when stepping inside the shower in that of an surprisingly ample environment. The feeling of SPACIOUSNESS in given by a multitude of mirrors whose role is to add a few imaginative square yards.

Thus, if you plan to forget all about jet lag and feel young again, you only need to input your TRAVEL DATA on a touch screen. You’ll then be in for a unique experience provided by the flooding blue light and the accompanying ambient sound. This mélange of light and sound, which according to McCurry. “At times, it really feels like it’s raining light”, will have a powerful impact on your well being and will breathe new life into your world.

However, you should know that this photon shower was designed specifically for TED2013. Its aims was to draw a picture of how serious Delta is about making sure that its passengers can enjoy a good sleep during their flight. Moreover, Delta aims to provide its BusinessElite passengers with Westin Heavenly In-Flight bedding sets. It will also install full flat-bed seats in Business-Elite cabins on a number of transcontinental flights and introduce a white noise channel on Delta Radio. Last but not least, it will implement a number of cabin procedures to ensure passengers won’t be awakened by bright lights and other disruptions.