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6 FAQS About Flying While Pregnant

Flying while pregnant

For most women, providing you are experiencing a calm and trouble free pregnancy, flying is perfectly safe for most of the duration of your pregnancy. However, if you have a high risk pregnancy it would be prudent to get the advice of your medical practitioner before booking any flights. The second trimester (14 – 27… Read more »

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Tips to Consider when Flying Pregnant

tips to consider when flying pregnant

Although it may be completely safe to fly during your pregnancy, it would be a great idea to play it safe and take your time to do some EXTRA PLANNING as well as take some steps in advance which will practically act as your belt and braces.

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US Airlines Policies for Pregnant Travelers

us airlines policies for pregnant travelers

As we have already pointed out, you may travel by plane without any restrictions. You can fly on commercial airlines without restriction during your first and second trimesters, but during your third trimester you may run into some RESTRICTIONS.

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Is it Safe to Fly while Pregnant?

is it safe to fly while pregnant

If your pregnancy is NORMAL and HEALTHY, it is absolutely safe to fly during the most part of it. Of course, you’ll need to talk to your obstetrician or wife that you’re planning to travel by plane. They’ll know exactly what advice to give you and if there are any risks in your case.

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Pregnancy and Air Travel

pregnancy and air travel

Suppose you planned to TRAVEL BY PLANE and have already bought a ticket but found out that you’re PREGNANT. However, you’re not certain whether it would be a good idea to go ahead with your planned trip.

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