look like a million bucks after a red eye flight

How to Look Like a Million Bucks After a Red Eye Flight

If you’re under the impression that getting off an airplane after having traveled all night long will make you look as if you’ve just got out of bed, you’re TOTALLY WRONG. You can and will look like a million bucks after a red eye flight – you just need to follow some simple and common sense rules. Indeed, the re-circulated and dry air existing in the cabin of a plane has the tendency of dehydrating your skin much faster than you’re able to secure your fluids intake.

And if you add this to SMALL and UNCOMFORTABLE SPACE of the aircraft as well as the NEVER-ENDING HOURS in the air, and you certainly have all the ingredients that will take away all your glow, all the brightness your eyes used to have when you boarded the plane. So, we decided to give you a few hints that will make you look great after having stepped off the plane.

First of all, you should consider HYDRATING YOUR BODY well enough. Do drink water and plenty of it. Do not feel uneasy or concerned about how many times you may need to use the small toilet from the plane. HYDRATION is one of the keys to beauty and well being. And remember, hydrating your body means drinking water and not alcohol, coffee or give tea. The intake of alcohol, caffeine as well as sugar will only dehydrate you even more. The same applies to anything that is salty such as chips or even salted nuts.

Secondly, you should consider having with you one or two MINERAL WATER MISTING SPRAYS. Mist sprays are great toners and just as their name states, are meant to keep you hydrated. You’ll therefore feel FRESH and INVIGORATED while you’ll also provide your body the water that it has lost due to the environment from the plane. Moreover, you should also consider applying a lavish amount of a good MOISTURIZER. And make sure that you also hydrate your lips by using a lip balm regularly. Something else that you should take into account is having FACE WIPES within reach. Be certain that they are the sort of wipes specially formulated for sensitive skin, as your skin will be substantially delicate and will turn read quite easily during a red eye flight. You wouldn’t want to go as red as a beetroot once you get to your destination. These wipes will also help you freshen up as they will be pretty practical for wiping and cleaning the back of your neck.

Thirdly, take DRESS CODE into consideration. This doesn’t mean that you should dress up for your journey but that you should travel in light, loose fitting clothes. Anyway, as soon as your plane has landed, you’ll have noted that your clothes look like you’ve been wearing them for ages. So, the best option in this case would be to pack some clothes that will still look their best after being rolled up in your carry-on. You don’t need anything fancy. Just few items which you know you’ll look good in.

Furthermore, remember that it is important to not just to catch a wink but to get as much SLEEP as you can during the flight. Still, if you feel that your can’t sleep, just do your best to unwind. You may also consider using an EYE MASK which will help you look as bright eyed as possible. And, when you plan to sleep, don’t forget to ask the stewardess for a PILLOW. A pillow is much more comfortable than some rolled-up cardigan.

Moreover, do not consider wearing make up during the flight. You can use a little MAKE UP when you slip into your nice looking clothes just before landing. Your making will certainly not survive the flight and it will be spread all over your face.

Finally, approximately half an hour before the plan is scheduled to land, go to the TOILET and freshen yourself. You may finally put some make up on and you’ll also be the best look person in the plane with your fresh change of clothes.