The 5 Stages of Culture Shock

Culture shock

When we visit or move to another country, most of us feel excited and bewitched with by new taste, sound, and smell sensations. However, culture shock (disambiguation) is a very real experience and will usually involve taking on a new language as well as an unfamiliar foreign culture.

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Rarotonga – Cook Islands


Rarotonga is the main island of the Cook Islands, and features a stunning volcano in the middle of the island called Te Manga, sitting 658 meters above sea level. The Cook Islands comprise fifteen main islands covering an area of 690,000 square miles (the size of Greenland).

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Best Noise Cancelling Headphones

best noise cancelling headphones

If you are looking for the best noise cancelling headphones in the market to make your air travel much more comfortable and relaxing look no further. We have spent numerous hours narrowing down from 10 different models in order to find the best for air travel.

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Newest Aircraft in the Skies

Newest Aircraft in the skies Boeing 787-9 and Airbus 350

Frequent fliers and airplane spotters may soon see some new aircrafts in the skies and on the tarmacs. The Airbus A350 made its debut in November of 2014 sporting a Qatar Airways branding and colors. While the Boeing 787-9 was released in October for its first commercial flight on Air New Zealand’s Auckland to the… Read more »

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How to Travel Low Cost to Asia

How to Travel low cost to Asia

Asia as a continent is incredibly massive and a “must” visit spot, here are a few tips how to travel low cost to Asia. There are many various travel routes through the region and each one can show you a unique piece of culture and surroundings.  Some of the most popular routes in the area… Read more »

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How Airlines Charge Different Prices for the Same Seat

How Airlines charge different prices for the same seat.

How airlines charge different prices for the same seat is invariably questioned. Have you asked yourself why airfare keeps dynamically changing similarly to the stock market. Here may be a fast and easy lesson on airfares which will help you understand what happens when you buy tickets on-line.

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