Why May Red Eye Flights Go in with Good Cards?

red eye flights go in with good cards

Red-eye flights are by far and large a big no-no for a lot of airline passengers. People usually avoid such flight mainly because of the TIME they leave and because it seems INCOMPREHENSIBLE to them to spend an entire night in the air crammed in an airplane seat.

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Do You Know how to Get Red Eye Flights?

get red eye flights

RED EYE FLIGHTS owe their name to the fact that they usually take off late at night and land early in the following morning. There aren’t many passengers to fancy such flights. Nevertheless, these flights have their own ADVANTAGES when contrasted to daytime flights. Besides the fact that night flights enable you to reach your… Read more »

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Delayed, Cancelled or Oversold Flights in the US

delayed, cancelled or oversold flights in the us

It may be a traveller’s worst nightmare. And do not deceive yourself in believing that it will never happen to you. You might and you will one day find out that you’re stuck in an airport as your flight was CANCELLED or even DELAYED. You might as well discover that you’re left behind, that the… Read more »

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Baggage Alert – Lost or Damaged Baggage

lost or damaged baggage

I guess there is no more infuriating sight that seeing your baggage all damaged or destroyed. Besides cancellations, delays and overbookings, lost or damaged baggage may all part of air travel experience. 

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Passengers with Reduced Mobility

passengers with reduced mobility

Irrespective of your disability, you have as much the right to travel as anybody else. This means that airline companies have a legal obligation to make sure that they are able to assist you in case of IMPAIRMENT.

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Air Travel Tips for Passengers with Reduced Mobility

tips for passengers with reduced mobility

Reduced mobility does not mean that you have LESS travelling possibilities. You have as many travelling possibilities as anyone else. You only need to STAY INFORMED in so far as your rights are concerned. Moreover, just as any other potential airline passenger, it is wise to follow certain guidelines, so better said tips and tricks… Read more »

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Rule 240 – Myth or Fact?

rule 240

Most of American airline passengers have heard of “Rule 240”. Many of them have already made use of it more than once. On the other hand, many of them tried to use it but were unsuccessful. How come? Is “Rule 240” a genuine ace up in the sleeve or is it a mere myth?

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The European Equivalent of Rule 240

european equivalent of rule 240

If we were to refer to an European equivalent of the American Rule 240, we would certainly refer to the Regulation passed by the European Commission, No 61/2004 establishing common rules on COMPENSATION and ASSISTANCE to passengers in the event of denied boarding and of cancellation or long delay of flights.

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How to Complain in the US

how to complain in the us

First of all, let us point out that the American Airlines are demanded by the Department of Transportation to give their clients whatever information is needed in order to file in a complaint with the company. They have to display these details on their web sites, all e-ticket confirmations, as well as ticket counters or gates.

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How to Complain in the EU

how to complain in the eu

Suppose you were denied boarding, or were stranded in an European airport because your flight was cancelled or delayed and are not satisfied with the way the airline company handled your case, than you may as well try complaining.

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Your Flight Rights in Canada

flight rights in canada

AIR TRAVELERS’ RIGHTS are protected in Canada by the Airline Passenger Charter which has been approved by most of the Canadian airlines. In 2007 the Parliament of Canada adopted Bill C-11 whose aim was to strengthen the Canada Transportation Act. This statutory document laid down the airline passengers’ rights in Canada.

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How to Complain in Canada

how to complain in canada

It is widely known that things do not always go as planned, that schedules are not always complied with and that we sometimes need to solve our problems by filling in a complaint. If you happen to feel that your rights were not observed in CANADA, you should know that The Canadian Transportation Agency managed… Read more »

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Traveling with a Baby in the Emirates

traveling with a baby in the emirates

Traveling with a baby may indeed require you to make full use of your ABILITIES or RESOURCES. However, you’ll definitely be relieved of a lost of the anxiety you may be feeling the minute you learn that you are practically given all the support you need in order to safely and peacefully fly with your… Read more »

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Traveling with a Baby in Europe

traveling with a baby in europe

Traveling with your baby may be a CHALLENGING task especially if you set off on a journey by plane. Not only that you have to be certain you managed to take everything you need aboard the plane but you also have to make sure you comply with all the regulations that apply in your case…. Read more »

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