Hotel Cavo Tagoo – A Dream Come True In Mykonos

We arrived at the Port of Mykonos on the Athens Ferry at 10 am on Monday, September 18th. In the port, there was a van waiting for us with Nick, one of the friendly drivers from Hotel Cavo Tagoo Mykonos. Nick picked up our bags and put them in the van. The port was literally five minutes away from the hotel, something we were grateful for after spending almost 3 hours on the ferry.

– Hotel view from the outside –

When we got to the Hotel Cavo Tagoo Mykonos, once again Nick picked up our bags and escorted us to the entrance where 3 people from the hotel staff were waiting for us, all dressed in white and wearing Greek-style clothing. We were awestruck by the large and clean white entrance, in addition to the furniture which was both modern yet simple. The staff at the front desk informed us that our room was not yet ready, but they would do everything within their power to make it available as soon as possible. We left our bags with them at the front desk and they escorted us to the breakfast room next to the pool, where we could have as much breakfast as we liked while waiting for the room.


– The Hotel´s Lobby –



The breakfast room is probably one of the best breakfast rooms I’ve ever been in. The variety of cakes, pastries and breads was absolutely amazing, the delicious natural juices, the freshest fruit and the highest-quality cured meats. We had actually arrived really hungry so we appreciated being invited to have breakfast.

– The Breakfast Room –

After breakfast I had to work for a while, but thanks to the wonderful views I had of the pool and the very fast Wi-Fi connection, I quickly finished everything I had to do.

It was a lovely day, about 28 degrees Celsius outside, so we put our swimsuits on in the bathroom and went to take a dip in the pool. We chose a chill out bed for two right on top of the water, which was wonderful. When the heat got too much for us, all we had to do was extend a leg or an arm to touch the water. Like the rest of the hotel, the pool is located right in front of the sea, so it feels like you could almost touch the sea when looking out from the pool at the hotel. The views from the hotel in general are amazing. Every day, new sailboats and cruise ships enter the port. Watching them arrive is incredible.

– The Infinity Pool –


The staff at the pool bar, just like the front desk staff, were lovely with us. Most of the staff were young and very attractive. The actual bar is an aquarium that lights up at night with many different kinds of colorful fish. A beautiful and original idea.

– The Aquarium Bar –


We could have eaten at the pool (the dishes we saw pass by us looked great), but we preferred to just have a drink so that later we could eat out in town and get to explore.

At about 12 o’clock someone came to find us to let us know that the room was ready. They took us there and when we opened the door we were blown away. I think it’s the best room I’ve ever stayed in. The room was about 40m2. At the entrance there was a small living room with a flat screen TV, an incredible wooden table and a huge stone donkey.

There was a spectacularly comfortable king size bed, another flat screen TV and a window with incredible views of the sea. We had a huge Jacuzzi tub that was part of the room itself along with a gorgeous bathroom cabinet with two sinks and swivel mirrors. There was a separate toilet and a large shower with a seat on the adjoining side. In the middle of the room, a giant mirror and decorative items everywhere.

Exiting the small living room was the terrace, with a large wooden table that fit 8 diners. We also had a private pool and a chill out bed over the water just like the one we used at the hotel pool. Next to the chill out, we had another round wooden lounge chair. On the wall there were different switches to control the lighting, which created different atmospheres.

– Our Bedroom –



– Our Bedroom Terrace –

We wanted to check out Mykonos, so we took a refreshing shower and went to the entrance. There was Nick waiting for us again, ready to take us in the van to the village which is only 5 minutes away. The Hotel Cavo Tagoo Mykono´s location is ideal, next to the port and the airport, and walking distance from the village.

Since we always like to walk around and get lost wherever we travel to, we decided to walk along the beautiful white streets of Mykonos until we came across a very nice Greek restaurant that looked great. We ate something fast and kept walking. Mykonos is really amazing, all the streets are brimming with flowers and white painted walls with turquoise doors.

After wandering around, we went back to the Hotel Cavo Tagoo Mykonos to get some sunshine at the pool in our room. We fell asleep and when we opened our eyes, we found one of the most beautiful sunsets we had ever seen. The sky was fuchsia with purple, and the lit-up boats looked stunning.

We had a bit of time before dinner so we decided to try out the giant tub. Lots of amazing lights turned on as we went to fill it. The color of the water with the lights was beautiful. It’s the biggest tub I’ve ever been in!

We had intended to go down to dinner at the restaurant, but we were so relaxed after the bath that we decided to order room service. We ordered a fantastic club sandwich with chicken. Good thing we only ordered one because it could have fed 4! We loved how they decorated the tray as well as the presentation of the sandwich. We turned on the room’s psychedelic lights and created a relaxing atmosphere as we got ready to go to sleep. The room is truly special.

The next day we had breakfast by the pool and lay down on the same bed as the previous day over the water. We ordered a bottle of wine and ate a Greek salad while lying in the sun. The music at the pool area is perfect. At breakfast time, they play some nice chill out music, and as the hours go by and people start feeling livelier, they change the music to some nice house tunes. Music is so important for setting the mood and it made a huge difference for us during our fantastic time at the pool.

In the afternoon we went out again to visit the island, but we quickly came back since the hotel had informed us that they were preparing sushi fusion for dinner that night at the pool. We looked for a table with sofas and ordered sushi and smoked hookah. The pool’s lights and the bar at night are beautiful. The sushi was yummy and the music didn’t disappoint. The lovely aquarium with its fish and the raspberry smell of the hookah intoxicated the whole area. What an unbeatable way to say goodbye to the island.



After dinner we did an early check out because the next morning we had to catch an early flight back to Barcelona. The hotel staff took note of our departure and had breakfast brought to our room early so that we didn’t have to waste any time going down to breakfast. A thoughtful detail.

Before going up to the room, we passed by the spa and decided to spend some time there under the jets. The sauna and steam room are amazing. Next to the spa there’s a full gym with plenty of machines.

We went back to the room shortly after to go to sleep so we could wake up early. The next morning the hotel staff greeted us affectionately and escorted us to the entrance to catch the van to the airport. The airport is literally 7 minutes from the hotel, so we didn’t have to hurry or leave too far in advance.

We didn’t have to take a single taxi throughout our stay because the hotel’s drivers took us everywhere. This is the first time I’ve seen this in a hotel.

Our experience at the Hotel Cavo tagoo has been a dream come true. Both the hotel and staff deserve a 10/10. If we ever come back to Mykonos, we will definitely be staying at the Cavo Tagoo again.