kid on a red-eye flight

Is it a Good Idea to Take a Kid on a Red-Eye Flight ?

Would it be a good idea to opt for a red-eye flight when traveling with your children? What do you think?

I would probably receive a myriad of strikingly different answers. Some might tell you that you’re certainly as MAD as a March hare. Other will definitely reassure you and tell you that red eyes are THE BEST WAYS to go with kids.

You just have to keep them up way past their napping times so that they will be so TIRED, than the minute they occupy their seat aboard the plane they simply drop off and sleep like a log. You won’t even know they’re with you. In case you’re on a SHORTER FLIGHT, they’ll be able to compensate for the sleepless hours by simply taking a nap or even going to bed earlier.

If, on the other hand your flight equals the amount of time needed by kids to recharge their batteries, than you’re certain they’ll be ASLEEP for the duration of the entire flight as children normally need at least eight or nine hours to rest.

So, probably the best and most widely used argument in favor of children being taken on NIGHT FLIGHTS simply lies in their temporary quiescence. You need them to be as inactive as quite as a dormant volcano.

However, when they wake up, they do erupt just like an active volcano. They are combat-ready and so eager to fidget and nimble that they’ll turn your dream flight into a purgatory. Red-eye flights are frequently used by business travelers who expect to rest during red-eye flights, so they’re fresh for AM meetings. However, sleep-time often gets interrupted by CRYING BABIES and NOISY CHILDREN.

And is it true that some airlines have already introduced NO-KIDS SECTIONS? Such is the case of Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia which introduced rules in this regard. The former has a no-kids section in some of the planes that fly between Kuala Lumpur and London while the latter let the public know that they will have a ‘quiet zone’ in the first eight rows of the economy section of some of their planes.

These two regulations recently enforced by carriers seem to focus on little passengers not disturbing the other ones on red-eye flights. But do you really consider that children should indeed not be allowed to go on a red-eye flight? Are they really that annoying and tiring when they wake up in mid flight? Indeed, passengers who turn to red-eye flights do that because they need and want to rest.

So, I really think that little passengers should not be totally banned from these flights. Instead, they should be permitted to have an AREA where they can have the peace and quiet they actually need. There are dozens of parents who really know how to deal with their kids when they misbehaved so that they do not trouble the other passengers. However, I consider that introducing some CONFINEMENTS on children for overnight flights could be a brilliant idea.

On the other hand, red-eye flights are excellent for saddling kid tiredness. You may completely exhaust the little one at the airport just before checking-in and you’ll completely him or her have worn out. So, by the time to get onto the plane your kid will think of nothing else but sleep. You may even play an uneventful movie and your kid will certainly feel his eyelids heavy.

Red eye flights are as likely as not more difficult for parents rather than the little passengers sine the latter will surely catch at least a WINK OF SLEEP. Just do not forget to pack your toddler’s pajamas, to have blankets and jackets on hand as it may get a bit chilly during the flight and to pack a bag of night-time goodies. You may also check our article What to Pack in your Carry-on when Traveling with Children for more details on what would be a good idea to pack in your handbag when you travel with kids.

You may also have a sort of bedtime routine on the plane as it will more than likely signal your toddler that it is time to sleep. Have you ever taken your kids on a Red-Eye Flight? Was it a rewarding experience or was it a total nightmare?