The Singular, Santiago de Chile, is a rare 5-Star gem!!


The Singular, Santiago de Chile, is a rare gem. Set in a beautifully preserved historical building, it represents a cross between French Neoclassical design and sleek, modern elegance, with touches of the bohemian.

Located in Lastarria, an artistic and charming neighborhood in Santiago, the moment one walks into The Singular, they are affronted with old-age elegance and exquisite décor.

When we arrived, we were immediately greeted and invited to sit at the lobby bar, where we seamlessly checked-in. Everyone was so attentive to our every need, truly a personalized experience, as one would expect from a 5-star hotel.

– The bar –

Prior to going to our room, we stopped by the central lobby bar, Bar Merced, where we enjoyed Tea Service for two, with delicious French-inspired pastries, tea-sandwiches, and incredible, aromatic tea.

I also enjoyed a delicious and authentic Croque Monsieur sandwich, that hit the spot, as well as a Baguette with Brie Cheese.

We enjoyed cocktails engineered by their master bartender and the unique sorbets infused with alcohol, like the lemon sorbet with vodka.

Their wine selection was on-par with top hotels, boasting Chilean, Argentinian, as well as international wines.

On our way to our room, which is impeccably furnished, we admired the architecture of the hallways, the art, and the touches of design.

The general ambiance of the hotel transports you back in time. Once inside, you no longer feel like you are in the middle of Santiago de Chile, or in the quaint Lastarria neighborhood.

Most inspired by the neo-classical period, subtle Asian influences, blended with touches of Chilean design, we were impressed by how effortlessly the hotel’s concept came together.

– The hotel premises –

– The hotel premises –

Once in our room, we were able to relax a moment, take in the view, and delight in the beautiful furnishings and elegant comfort. The bathroom was designed fully in marble, with modern touches, a sumptuous tub, and rainfall shower.

The toiletries smelled wonderful and the turn-down service was always on-time, leaving delicious chocolates on our pillow.

On our first afternoon, we decided to take advantage of The Singular’s many amenities.

First stop, the spa.

– Bedroom entrance –

– Our bedroom –

– Our bathroom –

Once in the spa, we immediately relaxed the moment we walked in. Dimly lit, the spa also boasts incredible taste and elegance. We opted to have a deep tissue massage and ventured to try reflexology.

We weren’t disappointed. On our second day, we enjoyed one of their delicious body wraps and the hot stone massages.

The masseuses were professional and extremely talented, able to target the areas where we held our stress and easily lead us to a deep relaxation.

Between massages, we enjoyed freshly brewed ginger tea and cold, refreshing apples.

The facilities were impeccable, stylish, and incredibly clean. We highly recommend taking advantage of The Singular’s Spa. After the massages, you can enjoy a rainfall shower or some time in the Sauna.

The Singular Restaurant was where we would go for their breakfast- an incredible display of fresh juices, pastries, sweets, and cheese and charcuterie. 

Daily, we were offered eggs any style, delicious homemade breads, and fresh-brewed coffee, all in the style and elegance that is unique to The Singular Santiago.

The breakfast at The Singular boasts one of the best cappuccinos and cortados we have ever had!

We also have to mention the delicious, freshly squeezed juices. Our personal favorite was the jugo de cherimoya.

With a delicious restaurant as well as a rooftop bar where we took in the beautiful sunset of Santiago, we had to make a quick pit stop at the gym.

The gym offers a multitude of equipment, a spacious adjacent exercise room, and an on-site trainer that will assist you in your work-out routine.

– The gym –

The great thing about The Singular is its location. Within a couple of minutes of leaving the hotel, we were strolling down beautiful streets lined with murals in the center of Lastarria, the trendy, creative quarter of Santiago.

Lastarria is home to many cafes, bars, art galleries, and quaint shops. Santiago de Chile is known for its incredible food!

Close to The Singular, we found the incredible restaurant, Bocanariz, which boasts delicious tapas style plates and an impressive wine list! Bocanariz is located within a 5 minute walk of the hotel.

Other sights close to the hotel include Cerro Santa Lucia, also a 5 minute walk from the hotel, or Cerro San Cristóbal, La Chascona and GAM, accessible by public transportation.

After our dinner at Bocanariz, we went to Emporio La Rosa, known for the best ice cream in Chile!

We shared a pistachio and dark chocolate paleta…which was to die for! We enjoyed our ice cream as we strolled down the Parquet Foretal.

Another cultural and unique activity to do in this area is to watch an film at El Biografo Theatre, where they run independent European and American films. Truly an incredible experience!

To end our days, we would go to the rooftop bar, watch the sunset, and enjoy some delicious bites and wine.

The Singular’s Rooftop Bar, is not only very trendy, but it boasts some of the best views of Santiago, including the best sunset.

They offer a full menu, as well as snacks, and who could forget about their hand-crafted cocktails!

On our last night we walked around the Lastarria Barrio and took in the scents, sounds and sights of the wonderful neighborhood. We wandered around the tiny streets, murals, and cafes.

Close to the hotel, you will also find a contemporary art museum that has a beautiful collection of both Chilean and international artists, known as el Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes.

If you are interested in more art-based activities, the Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center (GAM), is a beautiful location with exhibits including photography, dance and theatre. Its architecture is also stunning.

– Sunset –

Another great attribute of The Singular Santiago, is its ability to be a hotel for couples, families, as well as a business hotel.

While in Santiago, my husband was able to conduct business meetings in one of the many spacious meeting rooms, as well as in the more relaxed Bar Merced.

We cannot be more happy with our stay. If you are looking for a centrally-located, elegant hotel with 5-star service, The Singular Santiago is where you should stay.