conquer your fear of flying

How to Conquer Your Fear of Flying?

Any statistic will inform you that TRAVELING BY PLANE is one of the safest means of transportation. Despite this, let’s say, somewhat universal truth, there is no statistic in the whole wide universe to make you fell more composed, less agitated, worried or even frantic when you have to reach a certain destination by plane.

And if you’re trying to make excuses or find ALTERNATIVE SOLUTIONS to get to your destination, think again. Not only that these alternatives are more expensive in terms of time and resources, but they also drain all your energy away from your body because they usually involve a considerable amount of time and, why not, hassle.

Just ponder this: is all the time and energy you spend on a long and tiring ride by car or train or coach or… whatever…  worth it? And all because of that state of UNEASINESS and APPREHENSION which, frankly speaking, does not influence the flight, the weather or the pilots. The plane won’t crash because of your anxiety, will it? Turbulence won’t stop simply because you sweat blood, will it?

Won’t you rather be a victim of a car crash if you’re tired and exhausted while you’re driving? Don’t you stand more chances of complicating your life if you opt for a three-days journey instead of a few hours one? Our point of view? Get over it! You have nothing to fear! Just follow a few tricks that will help you conquer your anxieties.

To begin with, we should point out that FEAR OF FLYING is more than likely caused by the fact that it is difficult to imagine how planes stay in the air. You should, therefore try to get accustomed to both the sights as well as the sounds of flying. Try to know and comprehend the nature or meaning of turbulence as well as the movements of a plane. If you know what to expect when you fly, you stand less changes of sitting on the anxious seat.

Furthermore, it would be wise to choose a seat on the wing of the aircraft. You’ll thus be able to enjoy a cool air from the valve above you. This will help you loosen up and unwind. You can also open the nozzle full blast and direct it onto your face. Just sit back and try to take it easy. What is more, you’re more than likely to feel less turbulence on such a seat. If you need more information on airline seating you can use SeatMaestro.

You’ll find up-to-date airline SEAT MAPS, SEAT REVIEWS and a COLOR-CODED SYSTEM to find the best airplane seats during your next flight. Moreover, you’ll also find detailed information on seat pitch (amount of legroom), seat recline, seat width as well as in-flight amenities. If, on the other hand, you feel you need to know where forecasters anticipate turbulence, you can find updated maps and forecasts of turbulence all over the world on Turbulence Forecast.

Besides, if you simply cannot find any solution to overcome your fear, you can make an appointment to see your doctor. Generally speaking, fear of flying may be treated by PSYCHOACTIVE MEDICATIONS or other relaxant / depressant drugs. You may take this into consideration but you should not make a habit of resorting to pills whenever you have to fly. You need to know that The World Health Organization does not recommend sedation when flying due to a heightened risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis, so you can use but not abuse such medication.

Finally, you need to understand that flying is in fact SAFE. Finding out how planes fly, may help those with a fear of flying in overcoming it. There are a lot of people who have overcome their fear of flying by learning to fly or skydive, so you may try it, too. Others resort to education by attending courses dedicated to people with this type of phobia. Lastly, there are airlines as well as travel companies that organize courses to help people get over the fear of flying. Try them!