the best airplane seats

How to Choose the Best Airplane Seats – Part II

It goes without saying that not all the seats existing on a plane are a perfect match. The aircraft in itself does not have a perfect shape so it cannot contain perfectly corresponding seats. There are some planes which offer more legroom towards their back while things stand differently with others.

Luckily, with SeatMaestro you can view detailed airplane seat maps and airline seat information on 175 airlines worldwide, updated daily. You will therefore be able pinpoint your seat more easily provide you know which model plane you are flying with. However, taking account of the design of the aircraft is frequently not enough to guarantee a great seat, there are also other issues which you may think about when choosing your seat.

Choose your seat when you make the reservation

The best thing you can do to make sure that you’ll have a good seat on the plane is to choose it when you make the RESERVATION. It may go without saying that in order to increase your chances to get a great seat, it is crucial to reserve your seat as early as possible. Whether you get your tickets via a travel agent or a booking engine on the Internet, try to reserve your seat ASAP. It may take some extra time but it will definitely pay off when flying.

If you book with a travel agent, ask them to get you the seat of your choice. If you book online and seat selection is not available, call the airline immediately after you have made your booking to make your seat selection with a phone agent and double check you still have that seat a few days before departure. Airlines sometimes change the aircraft type before departure dates and pre-reserved seats are re-assigned and you could lose the seat you so selected.

Seatmaestro allows you to enter your flight information (travel code and last name) and view your complete itinerary detailing your flights and the corresponding aircrafts where you will be flying in. You just have to click on the aircraft type and you will be directed to its seat map.

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In the case that you do not know your travel code or your flight hasn’t been booked with Amadeus Global Travel Distribution System, you may enter your flight information (Origin and Destination) and you will find the details of your flight. You just have to click on the aircraft type and you will be directed to its seat map. ?

Join a frequent flyer’s program

Do consider joining a frequent flyer’s program especially if you are one of those people who travel often. And do that before flying, of course. You won’t have to pay anything and although you may not fly the carrier again, join. You should now that airlines are usually extremely COMPETITIVE in so far as customer service is concerned.

For example, Flying Blue  – the frequent traveller program of AIR FRANCE, KLM and TAROM isn’t just, as they say, about flying. They collaborate with 30 airlines as well as more than 100 non-airline partners and the miles that you earn whenever you travel with them may be spend on flights, luxury hotel stays, car rentals and much more. But probably the most important privilege when you’re part of such a program is that you can select your seat just as you prefer.

Better sit in the front than in the middle or make a last-minute selection

Seats that are situated in the middle of the plane are usually the most inconvenient. Imagine that there are some aircrafts that have as many as five seats in the central section, so it would be very complicated to try to get out from such a seat to stretch or even go to the toilet.

Seats in the front, on the other hand, may allow you to step down from the plane first as passenger who sit in front of the plane are nearly always the first to deplane. Moreover, if you have the chance to change the seats when you board the plane, use this opportunity. If you spot a better seat, do not miss this possibility. Think that you’re about to embark on a tiring journey and that you’ll want to feel the least jet-lag when you deplane.