tips for holiday air travel

Our Top 10 Tips for Holiday Air Travel

Who doesn’t like SPENDING THE HOLIDAYS somewhere special and have the time of their lives during the holidays? Everyone is after that! I guess that travelling during the holidays is the only time of the year when we gladly put ourselves through stress, we probably gladly stand in long lines and may even find it enjoyable because we do all these with good times in mind… we do all these but sometimes up to a point.

So, in order to make this air travel experience less upsetting as airports tend to become unusually crowded during the holiday season, you can make your holiday voyage more pleasant through some simple planning. Try planning it using our top 10 tips and you’ll see how uncomplicated things will be.

Early reservation

It is so uncomplicated to obtain both travel and lodgings reservations if you reserve your tickets in the early hours. In so far as some airline companies and hotels are concerned, early booking may even make you eligible for a price cut. So, do consider booking your plane and accommodation as early as you have the possibility to.

Check departure time

Make sure your leaving time did not somehow change. Check departure time before setting off to the airport and, of course, packing your bags. Sometimes both departure as well as arrival times are delayed or cancelled during the holiday season, not only because of the crowdedness, but also because of the weather. Weather, as anyone knows, may be extremely unpredictable during this period of the year.

So, lay your hands on a trustworthy weather forecast. You may use the local sources of information or even the international ones, i.e. the weather channel. Moreover, in case your departure or arrival times were changed and you have someone welcoming you at the airport on your arrival, do let them know that things changed. And remember, delayed planes are a recurrent issue during the holidays.

Early arrival

Try to turn up at the airport at least two hours before departure time. All and sundry travels all through the holiday season. This is, by all means, the equivalent of traffic jams in addition to long and never-ending queues. So give yourself plenty of time to deal with all these. Your will be a way less stressed as you won’t be under time pressure, you won’t have to face a missed flight; instead, you’ll be able to catch yours in due time.

Pack only what you need

Pack only the things which you know you’ll need and more importantly, do not carry heavy stuff with you. If you take weighty baggage, you’ll have a difficult time trying to stop a taxi or, worse, use the public transportation, in case you need it. Hordes of people are everywhere during the holidays, not only in airport.

Take the essential stuff in you carry-ons

Use your CARRY-ON BAGGAGE to put your essential there. You can also put medicines there in case you really need them during the flight. Remember though, in case of medication, you may need to be able to show the airport personnel the prescription which demonstrated that you need those medicines. Anyway, you may consider the TSA 3-1-1- rule for carry-ons.

Take good care of your documents

Put your original documents in a safe place. You may also consider making photocopies of your documents before leaving; they may come in handy if the original documents are lost. Better be safe than sorry. Have all the documents required for travelling in the countries that you are visiting as well as your identification documents Keep copies of your travel information in a safe place. It is wise to have copies.

Put wrapped presents in your checked baggage

Your HAND LUGGAGE should be as visible as possible. So, if you plan to carry any Christmas presents with you, do not put them in your carry-on luggage, especially if they are wrapped. The security personnel will unquestionably unwrap them to check if they do not conceal anything illegal. And they can do that without a warrant. Anyway, whether the luggage is checked or carry on, the best solution is to organize it so that it is as easily seen through or detected as possible.

Call before leaving

Make a phone call to the airline company before setting off. Double-check the status of your flight.

Follow procedures on hand luggage

Take account of the airline’s regulations related to carry-on luggage. You are well aware of the fact that the plane are terribly full all through holiday seasons, so in case you carry any carry-on or even oversized bags will certainly be verified.  But check with the company first. Different airline agencies have different airline security regulations. The golden rule is to pack you baggage as light as possible. Most of the airlines allow a carry on baggage of 45 linear inches. British Airways, for example, allows 23Kg (56x45x25cm + Laptop or handbag 45x36x20 cm including handles and pockets that must be placed under seat.

Make your luggage stand out

Put ADDRESS TAGS both on the outside as well as the in the interior of all luggage because the external labels may be torn off. Furthermore, try to have luggage that is not grey or black as they may be lost in a sea of dull colored baggage may be more easily lost. Make it more visible.

Enjoy your holidays!