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Are Aisle Seats your Cup of Tea?

When it comes to choosing your seat on the plane, I am absolutely sure that the number of those clamoring for a middle seat is pretty close to nil. Any traveler craves for the bit of INDEPENDENCE and SECLUSION of a window or aisle seat.

When it comes to determining which seat is best, I know for certain that arguments for or against window or aisle seat are as boisterous as the untamed winds and waves. Still, anyone should agree that the best seat is the one which best suits your own needs and disposition. Window seat loyalists opt for the spectacular view offered by land below, clouds or sunsets as well as the seclusion provided by such a seat.

On the other hand, aisle seats supporters love the fact that such a seat makes it easier for you to get out of your seat and head for the restroom. What is more, they also argue that it is the most strategic location if you have to rush to get on a connecting flight. If you’re in a rush to get off the plane, you’ll certainly learn that you can get off the plane somewhat faster when it comes to leaving. So, when you have to catch a connecting flight in the nick of time, go for an AISLE SEAT.

Still, when is it a good idea to CHOOSE AN AISLE SEAT? If you’re in for a long flight, you’ll probably enjoy sitting in an aisle seat more than anything else. Long flights usually call for more trips to the bathroom, especially if you’re a heavy coffee drinker. Besides, you’ll also need to improve blood flow in your arms and legs, so you’ll certainly have to take short walks. Thus, sitting in the aisle means that you will not need to climb over people.

We may therefore point out that sitting in the aisle can help ward off potentially dangerous deep-vein thrombosis or blood clots. It is generally believed that the cases of deep-vein thrombosis are due to people not moving enough and most sufferers are, by far and large, in non-aisle seats where passengers have the tendency of moving less. Besides, when you’ll want to get up, you won’t have to bother anyone.

Moreover, aisle seat are the out-most equivalent of more and better legroom. If you’re tall, you’ll really need the extra room provided by such a seat to stretch your legs. From a tall person’s point of view the advantages of aisle seats far prevail over the disadvantages. It is true that you’ll have to get up for the people who need to use the bathroom as many times as they’ll need to but an aisle seat is ideal if you wanted to chill out especially on a lengthy flight. It provides more space for the knees and elbows to bend.

Anyone knows that leg cramps are very common on a long haul trip so it really pays off to be able to sit and stretch once in a while in the aisle seat. What is more, if you know that you sometimes feel a bit claustrophobic, you may just find out that the aisle gives you a little bit more room.

All in all, it is the exact spot to get up easily in case of an emergency. It is in the aisle seat that we can have an easiest access to the fire exit in case of EMERGENCY. You don’t need to go through rough-and-tumble whenever you need to use the bathroom. Furthermore, it is the best strategic spot if you need to hurry up in order to catch on a connecting flight. Thus, if you want to be able to get off the plane as quickly as possible go for an aisle seat.