things to remember when packing your bags

Things To Remember when Packing Your Bags

LIGHT LUGGAGE – that is the golden rule which you should bear in mind when travelling, not only by plane but also by train or ship or coach or anything similar. Make light baggage the first rule when you even consider packing your bags.

Imagine that if you have fewer and lighter bags, you’ll spend less time waiting for luggage claim, you need fewer porters to carry it and you’ll go through customs checks much more easily. Of course, if you are a frequent flyer, you’d better try to have everything you need in your carry-on provided everything really fits reasonably in your hand baggage.

Opt for suitcases that do not weight a lot and are also spacious, not difficult to hold, and also hard-wearing enough to survive the coarse treatment that bags usually get travelling by plane. Make sure that you have secured your bags with a SAFE LOCK.

So, you should choose you bags with the concept “light” in you mind. But you should also consider the fact that they ought to be easy to carry. You would not want to move at a snail’s pace. Choose a valise that has wheels or select a baggage trolley – these will prove to be essential for your trip. All your trails all the way through the airport or throughout the bus terminal will be eased to a great extent easier if you travel with baggage that can be rolled. You won’t have to stop for a second to take your time if you are somewhat tired because you had to support the entire weight of your luggage.

Trolleys will take you where you need without you constantly asking yourself: “What on earth have I put in these?” Nevertheless, you should remember that in case you baggage is equipped with non-retractable wheels, these little helpers might be damaged or even broken off during baggage handling.  So, do consider trolleys with retractable wheels.

There is no esoteric philosophy to light packing. The only notion that should be considered is related to basic stuff, i.e. basic clothes, basic toiletries and so on. Take your time to decide which clothes are to be included in your basic traveller’s wardrobe. Avoid packing spare belongings, especially if you know that you are more than likely not to use them.

Plan your luggage contents by compiling a list of basics. This will prove to be useful and not a mere waste of time. Such a list will be of help not your for your lightweight luggage but also in case your bags get lost. You’ll be able to straightforwardly remember what you put in your suitcases. The list will be a valuable assistant during the claiming procedure if your luggage is lost. Knowing what you’ll do once you get to your destination, will ease your decision making process. Your walk-in wardrobe will be therefore reduced and you’ll be able to pack in line with your future activities as well as the length of your stay.

The WEATHER FORECAST is something else that should be considered when travelling. Do check what the meteorologists predict for the following days and choose your wardrobe accordingly. Otherwise, you may end up by jam-packing your bags with new purchases which will only help you survive for the duration of your stay. Think about the weather conditions at your destination when you pack.

Your luggage should indeed not contain all things for all people but they might just come close to that if you opt for travel-size toiletries instead of putting a full bottle of shampoo or anything similar in there. Travel-size containers will save a lot of space and will by all means reduce the heaviness of your bags.

Keep any gadgets on you; under no circumstances consider packing them in your checked belongings. Consider, however, filling your cabin luggage with an electrical adapter kit for your hair dryer, travel iron or any other similar device when you travel abroad. Let us remember that the sockets in most European countries are for 220 volts, while in the United States for 110 volts; keep this in mind or you’ll end up carrying appliance which will prove to be of no use.

Your travel papers, medicines (accompanied by prescription, obviously), necklaces or bracelets, keys, as well as any other valuables need to be packed in your carry-on. Never put those in the cabin bags. Imagine the needles and pins you’ll be on until your bags are recovered, if they ever get recovered… it’s a good thing to pack your suitcases with the concept that all you carry with you may somehow be left behind. Do not take anything which cannot be replaced such as extremely rare antiques.

To conclude with, let’s just say that you may perhaps put all things for all people in your bags but… people like you who know how to pack smart and light.