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Seat map for Singapore Airlines Airbus A330 300

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Business Class60"24.5"30
Economy Class32"19"255

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FromAdelaide-Adelaide International Airport (ADL)
ToSingapore-Changi (SIN)
Always happy flying SQ. My favourite long-haul airline. The seat configuration of 2-4-2 on the A330-300 allows for several different choices when selecting seating: 1. Window seats, where you can lean against the bulkhead and have only one person to annoy when getting up; 2. Aisle seats, where you can get up when you want (or be made to); 3. The four middle seats (when available) to use as a fully flat bed. The fully retractable armrests make this last option enticing! On this particular flight during daylight hours I preferred a seat closer to the front. My travel companion who was of large frame and had a disability sat next to me in 32K. No problems with spillover. Although I doubt you can't avoid this with any airline unless you are in Business Class. On a return leg overnight I had seat 35C and my companion 36C. We thought we were going to have empty seats at the window but it worked out otherwise. A FA told me there was plenty of space at the rear. So after the seat belt sign went off I went looking for more room. There were plenty of empty seats available including several rows of three and a row of four. Suffice to say I didn't bulk at the opportunity. We both sat down. Later on we split up to take other seats to lie down. This is the beauty of the 2-4-2 config and the fully retractable armrests! In general the Economy Class seats on the A330-300 are of good quality. If you find them hard you can always ask the FA to give you an extra blanket or cushion. A couple of points to make to those that have not flown. If you want less engine noise and the effects of turbulence, sit further up in front or over the wing. If you prefer to score a row of three or four to yourself, look at the rear first. Hopefully they’ll be away from toilets where people congregate. Airlines always fill up seats on the wing first for stability reasons. Besides the seats the service was excellent on both sectors. On the first I asked for a hot tea with lemon and honey for my sore throat. The honey was unavailable. A suggestion I'll make to SIA management. Later on I had a cognac in lieu of the honey! The food was of very good standard for Economy Class and the Entertainment the same. Though I tend not to watch anything on the overnight legs preferring to rest. Apart from the unimportant oversight of the honey, I have never been disappointed with SIA and have always complimented the staff for their consistent quality of service, which is prompt, courteous and done with a smile.
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FromSingapore - Changi (SIN)
ToPerth - Perth International (PER)
Having just flown in from Saigon on the same aircraft type & with the same airline I was confident that I was going to have a good flight.
Wrong! The two flights were like chalk & cheese.
By the time I got on board I was quite thirsty. I whispered to the attendant that when we got airborne could she bring me a drink of water ? She said she would & I waited patiently. We took off & I waited,&waited,&waited! Finally I went to the rear galley & found a steward who poured me a cup of water then another. This service was in direct contrast to my experience flying from Saigon to Singapore! On this flight they brought the standard hot towels but neglected to offer any sort of beverage at all after take off. The attendants supplied passengers with a small bag containing a toothbrush & pair of socks but no sleeping mask like in days of old. The lights were dimmed not long into the flight & I had the impression that the crew wanted us all to behave like the good cattle we are & settle down. I wrapped a blanket around my head to keep out the bright light of the exit sign a few rows in front of me & tried to sleep! I had difficulty getting the seat to recline as the button did not seem to release the mechanism but eventually with some leaning on the seat back I got it to recline.
With about 2 hours left before we arrived in Perth the crew began serving 'breakfast' which was a choice of omelette or seafood with angel hair noodles! They began serving from the very rear of my section & so when they arrived at my seat my 'choice' was not a choice but an ultimatum. "Would sir like to try the seafood?" I had no option other than to accept or go hungry! I was not impressed & all of the good work that this airline does to place itself in the top 10 for service in the industry was destroyed in that moment for me. I had paid nearly $90AUD extra changing flights & selecting seats for my return from Vietnam & I now believe that I was treated quite badly by this crew. I will be taking these issues up with the airline at a later date. Meanwhile on the subject of this model of aircraft, seat 34A & 34K do not have windows next to them but this is not indicated on the Seat Maestro map.
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FromSaigon HoChiMinh
ToSingapore - Seletar (XSP)
I was booked on a later flight but the check in guy asked if I wanted to change to an earlier one. I asked how much? I thought he said $15 but it turned out to be $50!
I had already paid $21 to select a seat on my later flight so this was a pretty expensive seat in my opinion. The 2_4_2 layout is why I picked Singapore Airlines for my journey.Normally I would try to avoid getting stuck in the middle of the row of 4 seats but I requested an aisle seat before accepting the change to earlier flight. The seat had good legroom & fortunately the 2 other seats were empty which might have been a bonus had it been a night flight. Service was speedy with the hot towels being dispensed whilst we were all seated before take off. Meals & drinks came around as soon as the aircraft reached cruising altitude & I complimented the attendant on her efficiency which she accepted gracefully. This was only a 2 hour flight so they managed to feed all of the passengers within this time. This was the first time that I had flown with Singapore as I usually used Malaysian Airlines but that airline began using 737's on my usual route & when I realised Singapore Airlines used A330-300's I chose to them for the whole sequence of journeys
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FromBrisbane-Brisbane International (BNE)
ToSingapore-Changi (SIN)
Very impressed with SQ - the aircraft was clean and fresh. I really enjoyed the configuration of 2-4-2 on this leg as there was just the 2 of us and no-one else next to us. On our return leg we had 61DE which was 2-3-2 as the aircraft narrows in the last few rows. However no problems with seat recline as we were in the 3rd last row and also no problems with queues for toilet etc.

Seats were comfortable with good leg room and recline. The service throughout was excellent - friendly, helpful and efficient at all times. The food was nice and tasty and of adequate size. On the return sector (same aircraft type) we had tiramisu icecream and ferrero rocher chocolates so that made for a pleasant experience. In economy on most airlines (except SQ & QF) I find it almost impossible to get a 2nd glass of wine but the service was great and they constantly, and happily, offered a variety of beverages to all passengers.

There was a great range of on-demand entertainment from movies (new and old), latest TV shows, documentaries, music etc, so much that I didn't have time to see everything I wanted to watch.
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FromSingapore-Changi (SIN)
ToAdelaide-Adelaide International Airport (ADL)
2 flights on this plane in J (Business Class). First from Yangon to Singapore in 14A and second from Singapore to Adelaide in 11K (bulkhead).
RGN-SIN flight was full in J and Y, SIN-ADL was 14 in J and full in Y.
Service on first flight was alright, polite friendly staff, and very clean plane. 3 choices for lunch, including duck, that i had.
Second flight, service was fantastic, they spoke to me by name, and confirmed my book the chef meal, and my glass never seemed to be empty.
Seats are wide and comfortable, lots of leg room, especially bulk head, and having the seat next to me empty on the second flight, which was overnight, made it seem all the more spacious.
AVOD is good as usual with SQ, and the screens are a great size and the noise cancelling head phones worked a treat.
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FromPerth - Perth International (PER)
ToSingapore - Changi (SIN)
Was very surprised at the difference from flying with singapore airlines 6 years ago to now the friendliness was far less than last time the men were very straight never saw a smile and not a lot better from the ladies we were very shocked at the difference and we had to ask for the international card you fill out on plane as all the last rows did not get them the flight and food were great just you notice the difference in happiness and not happy on a plane several of us had had the same conversation
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After flying this route many times on other airlines going to Manila to see my fiancé I was very impressed with the whole overal experience on this Singapore airlines flight everything was just a higher level of comfort and service from the check in up , and being a larger person it was very refreshing to fly in such a comfortable plane and seat , I look forward to flying again in July for my wedding and honeymoon
Thank you Singapore airlines for an enjoyable flight
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FromAdelaide - Adelaide International Airport (ADL)
ToSingapore - Changi (SIN)
Very pleasant flight the staff where very helpful at all times. The food was great and you get plenty of it. The flight attendants bring around hand towels twice during our trip which was a nice touch and very pleasant. The air conditioner was at a great temperature but if you needed you where supplied with blankets and pillow. Well done to all staff would fly with Singapore airline every time if I could. Our seats where at the back of plane but had no complaints at all.
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FromBrisbane - Brisbane International (BNE)
ToSingapore - Changi (SIN)
Unfortunately Singapore Airlines are still using the older style A330 business seats, so they are not flatbed. Row 11 does give more space for tall people like myself and my husband. Business class on this flight really cannot be compared with the likes of Emirates, Qantas or even Singapore Airlines on the A380's - think it's about time the A380's flew out of Brisbane! Service etc all good.
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FromManila - Ninoy Aquino Intl (MNL)
ToSingapore - Changi (SIN)
Singapore Airlines is really great way to fly. Friendly service, excellent food, up to date entertainment options. However, in recent years the planes are getting older, no much changes being done in short-medium haul planes and even service level is getting more matter-of-fact. It is still a favorite airline to fly with, but in business class department they are giving way to other Middle East based airlines....
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