Singapore Airlines check-in

How can I check in for a Singapore Airlines flight?

With Singapore Airlines, in addition to the standard Counter Check-in at the airport, you can Online Check-in, through the airline’s web page, the new mobile website, or the SQ App (second-generation iPhone and Android apps). Singapore Airlines also offers Kiosk Check-in, the option to self check-in using a machine or booth at any airport.

When must I check in for my Singapore Airlines flight?

Counter Check-in is available 48 hours before departure time, and up to 40 minutes before departure time when you are departing from the Singapore Changi airport.

If your flight departs from any other airport, Singapore Airlines recommends you to check with their local offices for specific deadlines, which usually are between 40 and 60 minutes before scheduled time of departure.

Online/Mobile Check-in

Online Check-in is available in a time frame starting 48 hours prior to the departure time and up to 90 minutes before scheduled departure, for all passengers with the following exceptions:

  • Passengers younger than 18 years of age are not allowed to check in on their own. Check-in is only allowed if accompanied by an adult passenger (i.e. aged 18 and above).
  • Passengers traveling in groups of more than 9 passengers in the same booking.
  • Passengers who have a preceding flight in the same booking that has not been checked in.

You have the option of self-printing your boarding pass or get it saved on your mobile phone. Self-printed boarding pass is available only for passengers who do not require credit card verification departing from the following selected cities (US-bound flights are excluded from this service):

  • Europe: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Istanbul, London, Manchester, Milan, Moscow, Munich, Paris, Rome, Zurich.
  • North Asia: Beijing, Fukuoka, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taipei, Nagoya, Osaka, Tokyo (Haneda and Narita), Sapporo, Seoul.
  • South East Asia: Bali, Bangkok, Brunei, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Manila, Singapore, Surabaya.
  • South West Pacific: Adelaide, Auckland, Brisbane, Canberra, Christchurch, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Wellington.
  • West Asia & Africa: Bengaluru, Cape Town, Chennai, Colombo, Dubai, Johannesburg.

Mobile boarding pass is only offered to eligible passengers and not available for US-bound flights. Only passengers who are not required of a visa or credit card check are allowed to use this service. Mobile boarding pass is offered only to selected passengers departing from the following airports:

  • Europe: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Istanbul, London, Manchester, Milan, Munich, Paris, Rome, Zurich.
  • North Asia: Fukuoka, Hong Kong, Taipei, Nagoya, Osaka, Seoul, Tokyo (Haneda and Narita).
  • South East Asia: Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Surabaya.
  • South West Pacific: Adelaide, Auckland, Christchurch.
  • West Asia & Africa: Cape Town, Colombo, Dubai, Johannesburg.

With the self-printed or mobile boarding pass, you can proceed directly to the Immigration counter if you don’t have checked baggage and if you don’t require verification of travel documents, visa or credit card at the check-in counter.

Return Check-in

If your returning flight is within 48 hours of your onward flight, you can check in for both flights at the same time. In this case you check in your baggage for the first flight, and for the return flight, you just drop off your baggage. This service is available for flights between Singapore and select cities.

Kiosk Check-in

Kiosk Check-in for Singapore Airlines flights offer the options to check in up to 6 passengers, choose seats and print boarding passes and bag tags. Kiosks at Amsterdam Schiphol (Departure Hall 3) are available for check-in but don’t offer self-tagging service. Kiosks with self-tagging service are available at:

  • Singapore Changi (Terminal 2 and 3).
  • Tokyo Narita (Terminal 1 – South Wing Zone G).
  • Paris Charles de Gaulle (Terminal 1 – Hall 1).
  • London Heathrow (Terminal 2 Zone A).
  • Copenhagen Airport (Terminal 2).
  • Los Angeles (Tom Bradley International Terminal – Aisle C).
  • San Francisco (International Terminal – Aisle 4).

Kiosk Check-in is not available if:

  • Passport or visa is not machine-readable.
  • The booking is not confirmed, or you’re on a waitlist.
  • The passenger is an Unaccompanied Minor.
  • You’ve booked an extra seat.
  • You have any special assistance (traveling with a pet, medical assistance, meet-and-assist service, etc.).

Counter Check-in

If your flight departs from Singapore Changi airport, it is recommended by the airline that, in case you have some baggage to check, you should arrive at the airport 2.5 hours before your scheduled departure time. If you do not have any baggage to check, you can be at the airport 1.5 hours before your flight takes off.

At Singapore Changi airport, Terminals 2 and 3, check-in counter opens at 4.30 am. Terminal 2 counter closes at 22 pm and Terminal 3 at 2.00 am. For opening and closing counter times in all other stations, please check the airline’s website.

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