Singapore Airlines Airbus A330 300 seat review by Doug Rorison #35095

3.5 of 5
FromSaigon HoChiMinh
ToSingapore - Seletar (XSP)
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Legroom3 of 5
Seat width3 of 5
Seat recline3 of 5
Entertainment3 of 5
Food & drink3 of 5
Service5 of 5
I was booked on a later flight but the check in guy asked if I wanted to change to an earlier one. I asked how much? I thought he said $15 but it turned out to be $50!
I had already paid $21 to select a seat on my later flight so this was a pretty expensive seat in my opinion. The 2_4_2 layout is why I picked Singapore Airlines for my journey.Normally I would try to avoid getting stuck in the middle of the row of 4 seats but I requested an aisle seat before accepting the change to earlier flight. The seat had good legroom & fortunately the 2 other seats were empty which might have been a bonus had it been a night flight. Service was speedy with the hot towels being dispensed whilst we were all seated before take off. Meals & drinks came around as soon as the aircraft reached cruising altitude & I complimented the attendant on her efficiency which she accepted gracefully. This was only a 2 hour flight so they managed to feed all of the passengers within this time. This was the first time that I had flown with Singapore as I usually used Malaysian Airlines but that airline began using 737's on my usual route & when I realised Singapore Airlines used A330-300's I chose to them for the whole sequence of journeys
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