Singapore Airlines Baggage and Carry-on

What is Singapore Airlines’ cabin baggage policy?

Singapore Airlines’ cabin baggage policy entitles each passenger to a cabin baggage allowance restricted by number, weight and size of the items carried on board. In addition, some items may be permitted on board free of charge.

What is Singapore Airlines’ policy on checked baggage allowance?

You will get your baggage allowance printed on your ticket. If you are traveling to/from the United States, the Piece Concept applies. To/from any other destination, the Weight Concept applies. Allowances depend on your travel class.

Carry-on (Cabin Baggage)

Cabin baggage allowances according to the travel class are:

  • Suites, First and Business: 2 pieces with a maximum weight of 7 kg per piece and each piece not exceeding 115 cm, calculated as the sum of its width, length, and height. The number of pieces allowed is also subject to local country specific requirements and aircraft cabin space.
  • Premium Economy and Economy: 1 piece not exceeding 7 kg and 115 cm (sum of its width, length and height).

Some articles are allowed on board free of charge (in addition to your cabin baggage allowance): ladies handbag, camera bag, briefcase, laptop/notebook bag, overcoat, umbrella, walking sticks, small camera, reading material, infant’s food and care items (up to 6 kg), a small amount of duty free goods (where permitted). You may carry only one of these items with you in the cabin, free of charge. A ladies handbag, camera bag, briefcase, laptop/notebook bag should not exceed the total dimension of 80 cm ( 40 x 30 x 10 cm), otherwise it will count as part of the standard cabin baggage allowance, and you will be required to check in either the additional item or your cabin bag.

Checked Baggage

For all Singapore Airlines flights, except to/from the United States, limits are established by weight as follows:

  • Suites and First Class: 50 kg.
  • Business Class: 40 kg.
  • Premium Economy Class: 35 kg.
  • Economy Class:
    • Flexi fare – 35 kg.
    • Standard & Lite fares – 30 kg.
  • Members of PPS Club have a 100% extra allowance in all classes, except with the Economy Flexi fare that allows 30 additional kilos.
  • Members of the KrisFlyer Elite Gold Club and the Star Alliance Gold Club get a 20 kg extra allowance in all classes.

For flights to/from the United States, allowances are defined by piece, according to this scheme:

  • Suites, First & Business Class: 2 pieces up to 32 kg each.
  • Premium Economy & Economy Class: 2 pieces up to 23 kg each.
  • Members of PPS Club have a 100% extra allowance in all classes.
  • Members of the KrisFlyer Elite Gold Club and the Star Alliance Gold Club get one extra piece in all classes.

Pieces must not exceed 158 cm (62 in) calculated as the sum of their width, length and height

Checked Baggage Weight and Size Limits

Due to local occupational rules, there is a weight limit of 32 kg per piece that cannot be exceeded, so heavy items should be repacked to be allowed for transportation. If you’re checking in a bulky item at Singapore Changi Airport, it should not exceed 200 cm length, 80cm height, and 75cm width.

Excess Baggage Fees 

If you are holding a ticket issued by Singapore Airlines, you can pre-purchase excess baggage online at up to 25% discounted rates, on all flights operated by Singapore Airlines or SilkAir no less than 48 hours before flight departure. If your itinerary doesn’t include the US, you can pre-purchase excess baggage in blocks of 5 kg up to a maximum of 100 kg per flight. For itineraries to/from the US, you can pre-purchase any combination of the following: up to two additional baggage pieces in excess of the free baggage allowance, or additional weight for each overweight piece of baggage within the free baggage allowance, or oversize baggage for each oversized piece of baggage within the free baggage allowance.

For all itineraries, except the United States, excess baggage charges are levied based on zonal pricing. The table applies to all travel itineraries with Singapore Airlines as the Most Significant Marketing Carrier, including interline travel, except in cases where Singapore Airlines stipulates that it will be the Operating Carrier.

Excess Baggage Fees – Weight Concept (per kg – online/airport)
From/toSingaporeBand 1Band 2Band 3Band 4
SingaporeUSD 3/4USD 6/8USD 15/20USD 21/28
Band 1USD 3/4USD 6/8USD 9/12USD 18/24USD 24/32
Band 2USD 6/8USD 9/12USD 12/16USD 21/28USD 27/36
Band 3USD 15/20USD 18/24USD 21/28USD 30/40USD 36/48
Band 4USD 21/28USD 24/32USD 27/36USD 36/48USD 42/56
Exceptions (sectors)
Melbourne – Wellington, Moscow – StockholmUSD 9/12
Cebu – Davao, Sydney – Canberra, Yangon – MandalayUSD 3/4
Band 1: Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam.
Band 2: China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Asia Subcontinent (Bangladesh, India, Maldives, Nepal, Sri Lanka).
Band 3: Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East.
Band 4: Africa, Europe, Russia (in Europe).

For all itineraries to/from the United States, excess baggage charges are levied based on piece pricing. The final excess baggage fee per piece is calculated by adding up all the individual charges that apply. The fees for overweight piece and oversized piece are not applicable on additional pieces of baggage.

Excess Baggage Fees to/from the US – Piece Concept (per piece – online/airport)
Between the US andAdditional PieceOverweight PieceOversized Piece
Band 1USD 120/150USD 80/100USD 80/100
Band 2USD 160/200USD 100/125USD 100/125
Band 3USD 200/250USD 140/175USD 140/175
Band 4USD 280/350USD 180/225USD 180/225
Other Itineraries
Singapore – Band 3USD 40/50
Band 5 sectors
OthersUSD 120/150USD 80/100USD 80/100
Band 1: Hong Kong, Japan, Germany, United Kingdom and points in North America (direct flights).
Band 2: Singapore.
Band 3: Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, South Asia Subcontinent (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka), South West Pacific.
Band 4: Countries outside Band 1, 2 and 3.
Band 5 sectors: Melbourne – Wellington, Sydney – Canberra, Moscow – Stockholm, Cebu – Davao, Yangon – Mandalay.

Sporting Equipment

Sporting equipment (golfing equipment, surfboards, scuba diving equipment, canoes, ski equipment, bicycles, etc.) is subject to standard baggage policy: it counts as part of the free baggage allowance and, if this allowance is exceeded, the usual additional baggage fees apply. When traveling to/from the US, most sporting equipment is considered as one piece of baggage, but a canoe is treated as two pieces of baggage.

Baggage Service

Singapore Airlines offers its Baggage Tracer System to check your baggage status. Once you notice that your baggage is missing, you must contact the airline’s local airport office, which will also initiate the tracing of your baggage. Once your baggage is found, the airline will deliver it to your specified address, or in case of a previously required customs procedure, the baggage should be collected at the airport.

In case of damaged baggage, you should write the airline within 7 days or your baggage receipt. Singapore Airlines liability is limited according to international conventions related to air travel.

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