Seat Map Singapore Airlines Boeing B777 200ER refitted layout

Seat map for Singapore Airlines Boeing B777 200ER refitted layout

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Business Class26
Economy Class245

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FromSingapore-Changi (SIN)
ToRome-Leonardo da Vinci International (FCO)
Together with the Airbus A330-300 this is the plane I have flown in the most with SIA. This refitted version has the entertainment system boxes located under all C, D, and H seats. Hence my choice of a G seat on the aisle. The legroom in those seats is tighter. Not ideal for someone who has big feet or is tall. The seats are also not as comfortable as those on the newer A330-300s. The addition of a spare blanket or cushion may help to soften the hardness of the seats, that's if you can score any. The monitor is also small at 9 inches and the controller sits in the armrest in an awkward position. Occasionally I will watch a foreign movie, but generally I’m not too fussed about the entertainment system as I try to rest on these flights. The service though is much better. The FAs on SIA are some of the best you’ll find on long-haul flights. They are prompt, efficient and courteous. And they do this under duress. The Economy cabin has the galley in the tail, a long way away from those sitting over the wings. So it is a long walk up the aisles with the trolley. The aim on any long-haul flight in one of these refitted B777-200s is to score two or three seats together to get some good rest. Like I did a couple of times on return flights from FCO to SIN. If you don’t, you’ll get used to the single seat like I have.
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