Singapore Airlines Airbus A330 300 seat review by #30038

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FromAdelaide-Adelaide International Airport (ADL)
ToSingapore-Changi (SIN)
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Always happy flying SQ. My favourite long-haul airline. The seat configuration of 2-4-2 on the A330-300 allows for several different choices when selecting seating: 1. Window seats, where you can lean against the bulkhead and have only one person to annoy when getting up; 2. Aisle seats, where you can get up when you want (or be made to); 3. The four middle seats (when available) to use as a fully flat bed. The fully retractable armrests make this last option enticing! On this particular flight during daylight hours I preferred a seat closer to the front. My travel companion who was of large frame and had a disability sat next to me in 32K. No problems with spillover. Although I doubt you can't avoid this with any airline unless you are in Business Class. On a return leg overnight I had seat 35C and my companion 36C. We thought we were going to have empty seats at the window but it worked out otherwise. A FA told me there was plenty of space at the rear. So after the seat belt sign went off I went looking for more room. There were plenty of empty seats available including several rows of three and a row of four. Suffice to say I didn't bulk at the opportunity. We both sat down. Later on we split up to take other seats to lie down. This is the beauty of the 2-4-2 config and the fully retractable armrests! In general the Economy Class seats on the A330-300 are of good quality. If you find them hard you can always ask the FA to give you an extra blanket or cushion. A couple of points to make to those that have not flown. If you want less engine noise and the effects of turbulence, sit further up in front or over the wing. If you prefer to score a row of three or four to yourself, look at the rear first. Hopefully they’ll be away from toilets where people congregate. Airlines always fill up seats on the wing first for stability reasons. Besides the seats the service was excellent on both sectors. On the first I asked for a hot tea with lemon and honey for my sore throat. The honey was unavailable. A suggestion I'll make to SIA management. Later on I had a cognac in lieu of the honey! The food was of very good standard for Economy Class and the Entertainment the same. Though I tend not to watch anything on the overnight legs preferring to rest. Apart from the unimportant oversight of the honey, I have never been disappointed with SIA and have always complimented the staff for their consistent quality of service, which is prompt, courteous and done with a smile.
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