Singapore Airlines Airbus A330 300 seat review by Doug Rorison #35096

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FromSingapore - Changi (SIN)
ToPerth - Perth International (PER)
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Having just flown in from Saigon on the same aircraft type & with the same airline I was confident that I was going to have a good flight.
Wrong! The two flights were like chalk & cheese.
By the time I got on board I was quite thirsty. I whispered to the attendant that when we got airborne could she bring me a drink of water ? She said she would & I waited patiently. We took off & I waited,&waited,&waited! Finally I went to the rear galley & found a steward who poured me a cup of water then another. This service was in direct contrast to my experience flying from Saigon to Singapore! On this flight they brought the standard hot towels but neglected to offer any sort of beverage at all after take off. The attendants supplied passengers with a small bag containing a toothbrush & pair of socks but no sleeping mask like in days of old. The lights were dimmed not long into the flight & I had the impression that the crew wanted us all to behave like the good cattle we are & settle down. I wrapped a blanket around my head to keep out the bright light of the exit sign a few rows in front of me & tried to sleep! I had difficulty getting the seat to recline as the button did not seem to release the mechanism but eventually with some leaning on the seat back I got it to recline.
With about 2 hours left before we arrived in Perth the crew began serving 'breakfast' which was a choice of omelette or seafood with angel hair noodles! They began serving from the very rear of my section & so when they arrived at my seat my 'choice' was not a choice but an ultimatum. "Would sir like to try the seafood?" I had no option other than to accept or go hungry! I was not impressed & all of the good work that this airline does to place itself in the top 10 for service in the industry was destroyed in that moment for me. I had paid nearly $90AUD extra changing flights & selecting seats for my return from Vietnam & I now believe that I was treated quite badly by this crew. I will be taking these issues up with the airline at a later date. Meanwhile on the subject of this model of aircraft, seat 34A & 34K do not have windows next to them but this is not indicated on the Seat Maestro map.
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