red eye flights go in with good cards

Why May Red Eye Flights Go in with Good Cards?

Red-eye flights are by far and large a big no-no for a lot of airline passengers. People usually avoid such flight mainly because of the TIME they leave and because it seems INCOMPREHENSIBLE to them to spend an entire night in the air crammed in an airplane seat.

That’s how they generally view facts. We tried a different perspective and came up with a few advantages that go with red-eye flights.

First of all, flights that are scheduled to depart late at night, or at least after 9 pm, are commonly CHEAPER. You can even pay half the amount you would have paid if you had flown during the day. And, to make things even sweeter, you’ll check in like greased lighting. It is widely known that airports are not as crowded as they are during the day. In fact, they are not at all swarming with people.

You’ll get from curb to the gate in no time. So, FASTER CHECK-IN is by far a major advantage of red-eye flights. What is more, these flights are commonly more baggage friendly. Simply because there are not as many passengers as there are in mid-day flights, there are also fewer bags. This is also tantamount to quicker baggage claim, which is quite satisfying, isn’t it?

Secondly, planes that take off at night usually fly WELL BELOW THEIR CAPACITY. You may have the pleasant surprise of finding out that you’re able to turn your seat into three which you may easily use for stretching or even resting a bit. You’ll certainly won’t be able to do that on a flight which takes off during the day. What is more, less people will by all means be equivalent to less noise, lees agitation and fidgeting and more PEACE and TRANQUILITY.

There won’t probably be babies crying or kids fiddling around. Besides, it’s night time and everyone aboard, except for the flight crew, of course, thinks of nothing else but TAKING A REST. They are more than likely after a good sleep or quiet relaxation. And don’t forget to CHOOSE YOUR SEAT, if possible, of course. We suggest opting for a window seat, so you won’t be bothered by aisle activity. Moreover, if you are ok with paying extra, make a reservation for a seat in first-class or business for MORE LEG ROOM. Check out our airplane seat maps and get the seat that best suits your needs.

Furthermore, you may discover that your red-eye flight is quite AMAZING. You’ll arrive at your destination just when everything and everyone is waking up and is ready to face a brand new day. You won’t have to waste a whole day in the air or elbowing your way through a busy airport. Flights scheduled in the middle of the day may leave you the impression that you’ve lost an entire day which may easily turn you into an extremely easily irritated or annoyed person.

This is not at all a cheerful perspective, is it? On the other hand, a night flight which also allows you to get some rest, may let you MAKE FULL USE of an entire day. Of course, you should keep your plans for your first day at the destination as uncomplicated as possible. You’ll thus have MORE CHANCES of adjusting yourself and your body clock to the new environment and to the new time on the double.

After having reached the hotel, you may as well consider wondering around the surrounding area and simply have a leisurely time. Or, you can also start with a visit to a spa. You’ll not only get to know new people but you’ll also start your trip both RELAXED as well as TONED.

Last but not least, have a relaxing and smooth flight!