how to complain in canada

How to Complain in Canada

It is widely known that things do not always go as planned, that schedules are not always complied with and that we sometimes need to solve our problems by filling in a complaint. If you happen to feel that your rights were not observed in CANADA, you should know that The Canadian Transportation Agency managed to compile a rough GUIDE that may help you through all these COMPLAINING PROCEDURES in such a manner that is in agreement to airlines’ tariffs and the Canada Transportation Act as well.

The first step you’ll need to take in order to resolve your complaint, is to contact the airline and see whether they are able to come up with a solution to your problems. The Agency itself advise you to make an attempt at trying to solve the issue with the carrier and then, if thing do not work out, to ask them to examine your case.

Furthermore, in case the agency notes that you did not allow the carrier enough time to solve your complaint, they’ll do nothing else but forward a copy of the document to that particular airline alongside with the request to give an immediate answer to the matter.

Moreover, you should also be aware that DISSATISFACTIONS related to customer service issues do not fall into the scope of the Agency. This means that if you were not satisfied with the way the carrier staff talked or behaved, you may only go to the airline’s customer service office to utter your discontent. The same applies to all types of consequential damages such as loss of income, or even enjoyment.

You’ll have to ask the help of a lawyer in this case as the Agency cannot deal with such issues. Nonetheless, if you stumbled upon problems related to luggage, flight, tickets and reservations, fares as well as different conditions of carriage that you consider unfair or far-fetched, you may ask the Agency to help you.

If you complained to the airline and they did not manage to give you a satisfactory solution, than you are indeed entitled to turn to the Canadian Transportation Agency’s Informal Air Travel Complaints Process.

The Agency will look into your case from the point of view of the airline’s legal liabilities and if it turns out that they did not act according to their obligations, they will be asked to give satisfactory solution to your case, i.e. one that is in agreement with all legal provisions. Nevertheless, if it turns out that your claims are unrealistic, YOUR CASE WILL BE CLOSED and you’ll be send a written notice in this respect.

Remember, though that in order to make your complaint as PROBABLE as possible, that you need to back it up with supporting documents which need to be send as photocopies, i.e. travel vouchers, receipt for different expenses related to your claims, itinerary and so on. Stick to photocopies for the time being – you’ll need the originals only if requested by the Agency. Also, do not forget to give as many details as possible about your travel experience such as exact times, dates, flight number etc.

In so far as COSTS are concerned, you won’t have to pay any fee to have your complaint solved by the Agency. Nonetheless, due to the large number of the requests received every year, you need to know that they will not be able to deal with it immediately. Nevertheless, they will notify you with regard to the evolution of your case.

Finally, the investigation will be considered finished once the airline company has solved the complaint in such a way that is in line with all the legal requirements. You will be forwarded both the outcome and an explanation that will support the resolution.