Seat Map Emirates Boeing B777 300ER three class

Seat map for Emirates Boeing B777 300ER three class

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First Class69"20.5"12
Business Class60"20.5"42
Economy Class32"17"320

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The B777-300 is one of the largest aircraft in the Emirates fleet. It has a total seating capacity of 380-434 passengers in a two or three class layout. It is a long-haul plane and is used on trans-continental routes.
These aircraft are currently being updated to provide greater comfort and a new 500 channel entertainment system. Emirates has enhanced its inflight entertainment systems on all Emirates Airbus A340-500’s and select Boeing 777-200’s and 777-300ER’s. Scheduled to be installed on Emirates entire existing fleet very soon, “ice” is a complete, integrated package with movies, TV channels, radio, music, advanced communication facilities and travel information, allowing you to select your preference at the touch of the screen, and at any time during the flight. With more than 100 movies to choose from, 50 TV channels, 350 radio and CD channels and over 40 games on ice you’re sure to find something to entertain you throughout your flight.
Keep in touch by phone, email or SMS from the comfort of your seat while receiving replies direct to your TV screen with Emirates satellite communications system. Satellite calls cost just US$5 a minute to anywhere in the world and can be paid for with any major credit card, or a phone card purchased onboard. You can even chat to friends, family and colleagues in-flight with the seat to seat calling facility.

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FromDubai - Dubai (DXB)
ToAdelaide - Adelaide International Airport (ADL)
We flew the Cape Town to Dubai leg on a 777 300 two class version. Seats 5 j and 5k. This was not good, the seats are cramped and the cabin has wasted space due to the large storage lockers in the center between the secon and last row of business class cabin. The next leg was on a three class version, so much better and it definitely has more space between seats. The seats are very confortable at the sides but it must be cramped in the middle seat due to the three seat configuration in the center. The business class on this aircraft while being of good quality does not match the more luxurious (as advertised) product of the competition airlines. Legroom was more than adequate although my wife had to step over my legs to reach the aisle when partly and fully reclined. The seat width was adequate for my body but some plastic obtrusions were felt when placing my arms at the inside and my outside arm was occasionally hanging in the aisle due to the low seat rest in the fully reclined position. A thin foam mattress was offered and accepted that covered any change of section in the seat cushion material. The only problem with the mattress was that it slid down the seat and bunched at the join of the seat and backrest. Some Velcro fixing strips at the head of the seat may solve this problem. The entertainment system is of the best with both touchscreen and key pad controls. Content is outstanding with more than enough films, music and other interesting items to occupy one for the full duration of the flight. Service by flight attendants was superb, with plenty of individual attention given, although the cabin was only about 70 percent occupied. One strange aspect of this flight is the breakfast service at approximately two hours after takeoff (departure time 02h00) and a seven hour gap until lunch service about two hours thirty minutes before arrival. Various packaged snacks and fresh fruit were placed at the galley entrance for any hungry passenger to collect. If any other service was required, the FA's made various visits to the cabin. Drinks were available on request as per a substantial list. The food quality appears to have deteriorated since my last flight with this carrier some ten years ago. Breakfast was of a standard previously served in economy class, with the only difference being that the serving dishes were enamel. A cheese omelette with no cheese accompanied by chicken chip prolate sausages, heated soggy potato hash and tomato with a surrounding of limp spinach achieved the status of typical airline food with no difficulty. A low sodium meal and gluten free meal as requested looked identical. A cold croissant accompanied both meals, but was exchanged for gluten free bread rolls after the content was questioned. I decided to forego the lunch, but asked my wife if her lunch was tasty, and received a comment that it was adequate. The content was an appetizer of salmon and a salad followed by a sliced chicken dish on the dry side. The vanilla dome desert was announced to have been very tasty. Overall the offering of transport, hotel room for extended layover in Dubai and meal vouchers make this product extremely good value for money. The airline will however have to upgrade the product to match the (untried, but well advertised) product offered by other airlines.
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FromWashington, DC-Washington Dulles International (IAD)
ToDubai-Dubai (DXB)
Flew IAD-DXB in 28A, and then DXB-IAD in 46K. The reviews you will read about the 2x4x2 section at the very rear of the aircraft are true. 46K had more legroom, space between the seat and the window, and an overall feeling of a bit more privacy. The cons to 46K are that the armrest between 46J and K is a permanent one that cannot be raised or lowered. This might have eaten into the already slim seat width a bit, but it did not bother me being 5'8" and average size. Another con to being at the very back of the plane is that it takes a long time to deplane, and they were out of the meal I wanted by the time they got to me.

28A was just fine, but only because there was no one in the middle seat next to me. Originally there was, and after the doors we closed, the FA came and found him an aisle seat to move to. Before he moved, however, I was already sore from leaning against the window just so our shoulders wouldn't touch. Had he stayed there the entire 13.5 hr flight, that would have been terrible.

The 3x4x3 layout overall is a bad idea for passenger comfort. Not only are the seats shoulder-touchingly narrow, but the other comments you've read about the aisle width are very true. I had to sidestep down the aisles to try and avoid bumping other passengers. And at meal/drink service time? Forget it.

I did not have a problem with the lack of a footrest as some have commented. Sure, it would have been nice to have, but my feet touched the floor just fine and I'm 5'8". If this is a problem for you, I'd suggest using your carry on or, as I read in a different forum, bring a beach ball with you. When not inflated, it takes up almost no room, it costs $1, and if you partially inflate it, it won't roll and makes a good makeshift footrest.
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ToManchester-Manchester (MAN)
We had booked a return fight on the a380 but ended up on the 777 300 er . Initially annoyed at this change of aircraft but because I am an aircraft enthusiast I was excited at the alternative . Unfortunately as someone already pointed out the 46 j seat has fixed metal sides and prolonged flights would be very uncomfortable. The fold out tray does not sit correctly when fully extended I had to use it doubled up. The 46j seat only has another next to it so why not give them more comfort and make them fit better . Yes I am aware the plane tapers at this point . Seat comfort and fit is paramount !. My main concern with the aircraft is take off . The engines at take off power at the beginning of the roll shake the hell out of the back of the aircraft! Question - over time , will this not reduce the life of the rear of the aircraft and compromise its structure? I am no engineer but surely this is disquieting for passengers at the back of the aircraft and not good for aircraft integrity. Not sure if this was just a one off spirited take off . If power is applied smoothly would the roll buffeting at the rear of the aircraft be reduced? I would be interested to know if other passengers or cabin staff share my views. Other than that, the flight was superb . The climb, cruise , descent and landing were all superb. I can see why so many airlines have bought this aircraft I still feel the a380 is THE aircraft of the moment .
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FromHamburg-Hamburg Airport (HAM)
ToDubai-Dubai (DXB)
I was a bit concerned after hearing how bad was the economy seat in the 3x4x3 sections after a relatively comfortable flight out of KIX to HAM in 47A & B. I am 6' 3" and a bit overweight but to be honest I was not all that uncomfortable. I guess thinner people on each side helped but the recline also helped.. In our 777ER the floor space was a bit restricted by the entertainment system box on the floor under the seat in front but that just made the feet snug rather than the space unusable. Our flights featured a mix of ICE system versions and the newer version is much better than the previous but either is very very good compared to most other airlines. I also noticed the 'all seats feature power sockets' claim is untrue. There is a mixture depending on the version you are flying in. When they are there though they really do accept any plug, including the Australian three pin types.
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ToCairo-Cairo International(CAI)
It seems that in order to pay for its AVOD and good food, Emirates is under the impression that they need to squash as many pax as possible on to their planes. This is particularly true of all the 777s in economy class. Instead of the normal 9 abreast for most other airlines, Emirates has opted for a high density 10 abreast. True, they give you an extra inch or two of pitch, but if you are not intimately acquainted with your seat neighbour by the beginning of the flight, you certainly will be by the end. The exit door does give plenty of extra room to stretch out long legs, but you pay for this in terms of seat width. An already cramped seat becomes even more uncomfortable due to the tray table being stowed in the armrest. The ICE AVOD system is amazing, but not yet installed on all aircraft, so it is a bit hit and miss.
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FromLondon - Stansted (STN)
ToDubai - Dubai (DXB)
Worst service. Missed connecting flight. Stuck in Dubai with no luggage. Phone about to die Have cried for 2 hours. Lost the seat I paid extra for. And now a day late to get home, my flight over left iPad in seat pocket & lost property does not have? Each person I go to in Emirates tells me to go online & complain. You are not the airline you used to be. I am now sitting in Dubai waiting for a flight you shoved me on, in a seat I never chose down the back. Thank you, my whole experience flying without my husband for the first time has been traumatic. This tops it off. Leaving the iPad on my flight with treasured photos was just the start. I will never get them Back. You have made my first trip alone disappointing . Each step of the way, you dont care. The man next to me took half my seat. I paid extra to chose mine, big mistake
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FromBrisbane - Brisbane International (BNE)
ToDubai - Dubai (DXB)
We had the offer to upgrade to business class before we checked in online for a cost.
We decided to go for it!
Wow what an amazing experience couldn't fault it.
We were initially automatically given the Center seats in row 11 so I called Emirates to see if there was a window seat available as my husband needs to have a window seat.
So she gave us 11A,B & D
Which is the last row of business before economy"I would have liked to be further forward,anyway on arrival at the airport I asked at check in if there were any seats further forward & we were given 6A,B & D which is the first row of business behind first in their own cabin of 12 seats of which only 8 were occupied.
My husband had 3 Windows!
The whole experience was amazing the staff couldn't have been more accommodating
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FromDubai-Dubai (DXB)
ToOsaka-Kansai International (KIX)
I can't imagine how much better First could be. Our entertainment systems had to be rebooted early in the flight but the FA's attention was complete and timely. The window here is forward of the seat and to get a good view you need to leave your seat but there is plenty of room so this isn't a problem. There was no discernible noise from the economy section just behind us and sleep was easy to reach in the bed that the seat became. The ICE screen is gorgeous and makes watching movies a real pleasure. If you wear glasses you will find some seat configuration that will allow you to see the screen without the odd head angles [and sore neck] sometimes necessary in economy.
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FromKuala Lumpur - Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL)
ToMelbourne - Tullamarine (MEL)
Seat was in the first smaller section of economy. This made the area feel more secluded. Leg room was fine, except when person ahead reclined. As it was at the front of the economy section, you always got fed first.
Screen for entertainment was not bright enough, and had to close shades to be able to see it. Despite the extensive movie collection, I found limited movies to watch. Very good for different cultures (ie non-Western) that are not usually represented in the typical movie list for an airline, but for Westerners there were limited options.
Air hostesses were pleasant, but their responses seemed very "text book" like, with not much warmth behind them.
Excellent food options, but a list of available drinks was not provided. This would have been useful.
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FromDubai - Dubai (DXB)
ToVienna - Schwechat International (VIE)
A great seat as the plane body gets wider here. Good leg room and feels quite private as the stairway to the upper deck is on your right. Ample seat space for most people unless very wide. Tray sits away from body so comfortable fit even if person in front reclines. Short distance to bathrooms which are bigger than most. In the bathroom hand and body cream as well as body spray are provided. Great food and plentiful drinks- I asked for a g&t and got double ones as did the lady in the window seat on my row. Lovely food- salmon salad then roast chicken with roll cheese and crackers and cake with coffee as well as metal cutlery! I will definitely try to get this seat again!!!
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