Seat Map Emirates Boeing B777 300ER three class

Seat map for Emirates Boeing B777 300ER three class

Seating details

First Class69"20.5"12
Business Class60"20.5"42
Economy Class32"17"320

General presentation

The B777-300 is one of the largest aircraft in the Emirates fleet. It has a total seating capacity of 380-434 passengers in a two or three class layout. It is a long-haul plane and is used on trans-continental routes.
These aircraft are currently being updated to provide greater comfort and a new 500 channel entertainment system. Emirates has enhanced its inflight entertainment systems on all Emirates Airbus A340-500’s and select Boeing 777-200’s and 777-300ER’s. Scheduled to be installed on Emirates entire existing fleet very soon, “ice” is a complete, integrated package with movies, TV channels, radio, music, advanced communication facilities and travel information, allowing you to select your preference at the touch of the screen, and at any time during the flight. With more than 100 movies to choose from, 50 TV channels, 350 radio and CD channels and over 40 games on ice you’re sure to find something to entertain you throughout your flight.
Keep in touch by phone, email or SMS from the comfort of your seat while receiving replies direct to your TV screen with Emirates satellite communications system. Satellite calls cost just US$5 a minute to anywhere in the world and can be paid for with any major credit card, or a phone card purchased onboard. You can even chat to friends, family and colleagues in-flight with the seat to seat calling facility.

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FromDubai - Dubai (DXB)
I ALWAYS enjoy flying Emirates. On THIS particular ride, I merely asked, someone, who appeared to be a supervisor, for a little wet wipe. I simply couldn't find the one I had.
She hardly gave me the time of day, and simply replied,' We don't have any'.
I was shocked, as I just had two on my tray, which I couldn't find.
Wasn't long, when drinks were served and,,,, there were the wipes that EMIRATES didn't have ,, at ALL.
Very disappointing, INDEED.
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3.5 of 5
I read the reviews before traveling and was glad I had when I brought my own inflatable foot rest.
Food was good. Service was good.
One complaint I had was on other airlines I was able to move around a bit. BA has snacks and drinks available in the galley so I could get some exercise and stay hydrated. This was not available with Emirates.
The entertainment was OK on the flight.
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I had the window seat and on this long flight, if you plan to lean on the window, you can't. There's too much room between seat and window. You'll have wider legroom but not together. See picture. It's the last row and the seat does recline. However, for this particular plane, there isn't 50A or 50B, from Boston to Dubai. I paid for 50A months earlier, and during checkin, there wasn't 50A. Smh.
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FromAdelaide - Adelaide International Airport (ADL)
ToDubai - Dubai (DXB)
Buiness class for 13.5hr flight. Seats 8A&B are old, narrow seats, that do recline, but not to flat-bed. The aircraft was quite noisey even though these seats are considerably forward of the engine intakes. All the crew from ckeckin to arrival were exceptional, judged from our considerable experience, and this made up for thebelow the comfort ecperience of these "old" style seats. These bulhead seats have excellent legroom.
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3.5 of 5
FromNewark - Newark Liberty International (EWR)
ToAthens - Eleftherios Venizelos (ATH)
Seat leg from seat in front divides your legroom right in the middle - hopefully 42D is a traveling companion! I thought seat width was pretty standard for today’s economy seats and legroom slightly better than average. Service was polite and efficient (somewhere between United’s extreme rudeness and Southwest’s friendliness). It was better than expected based on prior reviews but certainly less than optimal comfort hopes in economy.
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FromAuckland - Auckland International (AKL)
Great check in, amazing air hostess named Sinisha who was amazing! Thank you 🙏🏻
We found the flight very cold! Other passengers commented on the air con being too cold. I did mention it it another flight attendant however she seemed to rushed to do anything about it.
The food was not the best. It wasn’t as fantastic as my last flight with Emirates unfortunately.
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3.5 of 5
FromDoha - Doha (DOH)
ToDubai - Dubai Al Maktoum (DWC)
Plenty of room especially for legs and feet space. I flew on an early morning Wednesday Emirates flight which wasn't full and we had an empty seat between us. Great service and attentive cabin crew. Lights were dimmed for most of flight. Food: small water, roll, snack bar and coffee- okay but have had much better on other airlines.
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FromDubai - Dubai (DXB)
ToEntebbe - Entebbe (EBB)
Nice ride although seats are a bit cramped. This was a full flight and storage space was a premium and became an issue throughout the flight. The seat is in the middle of the plane with extra legroom however if you are hungry or want to board early forget it as you will always be among the last for everything
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FromOsaka-Kansai International (KIX)
ToHamburg-Hamburg Airport (HAM)
Traveling with my mother on two legs out to Hamburg these seats A & B were very convenient. The proximity of the toilets was not a concern with few people standing around except after meal services or before landing. Most of the flight was quiet and with just the two of us, uncrowded. Recommended.
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3.5 of 5
9H is aisle seat and second row after the business class.Legroom and seat width are quite adequatel.My height is 5ft11inches and I weigh 13 stones.Seat recline is functional and okay.Entertainment is good with a plentiful options/choices.Food and drink are fairly good.Service is fairly good as well. I will be happy to travel with Emirates in future.
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