Emirates Boeing B777 300ER three class seat review by George Madej #27151

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ToManchester-Manchester (MAN)
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Seat recline4 of 5
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We had booked a return fight on the a380 but ended up on the 777 300 er . Initially annoyed at this change of aircraft but because I am an aircraft enthusiast I was excited at the alternative . Unfortunately as someone already pointed out the 46 j seat has fixed metal sides and prolonged flights would be very uncomfortable. The fold out tray does not sit correctly when fully extended I had to use it doubled up. The 46j seat only has another next to it so why not give them more comfort and make them fit better . Yes I am aware the plane tapers at this point . Seat comfort and fit is paramount !. My main concern with the aircraft is take off . The engines at take off power at the beginning of the roll shake the hell out of the back of the aircraft! Question - over time , will this not reduce the life of the rear of the aircraft and compromise its structure? I am no engineer but surely this is disquieting for passengers at the back of the aircraft and not good for aircraft integrity. Not sure if this was just a one off spirited take off . If power is applied smoothly would the roll buffeting at the rear of the aircraft be reduced? I would be interested to know if other passengers or cabin staff share my views. Other than that, the flight was superb . The climb, cruise , descent and landing were all superb. I can see why so many airlines have bought this aircraft I still feel the a380 is THE aircraft of the moment .
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