Emirates flying with pets

Are animals accepted in the aircraft cabin on Emirates flights?

Animals are not permitted in the cabin on Emirates flights. There are only two exceptions from this rule:

  • Falcons, only on flights between Dubai and certain destinations in Pakistan.
  • Guide Dogs for the Blind, which are allowed in the aircraft cabin only on flights between Dubai and the US and Canada and direct flights from European Union member states to Dubai.

Are animals accepted as checked baggage on Emirates flights?

In accordance with United Arab Emirates Federal Government regulations, on all itineraries terminating in Dubai, animals, including pets, must be transported as cargo. For more information on shipping animals as cargo, You should contact Emirates SkyCargo.

On all other itineraries, pets can be transported as checked baggage in the hold, provided all appropriate conditions are met.

Pets as Checked Baggage

There are some restrictions as to which animals, including pets, can be transported with Emirates. Emirates will accept as checked baggage falcons, cats, dogs and pet birds. Emirates will not accept a pregnant animal for transportation if it is beyond one third of its normal gestation period or has given birth within 48 hours of travel. Due to high heat and humidity in the UAE, no birds (except some falcons) can be accepted for transit via Dubai as checked baggage or cargo between May 1st and September 30th.

All animals listed under CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora), including pets, must be transported as cargo. Restrictions, including import bans, also apply to certain species of cats and dogs. For more information on restricted species, you should contact your local Emirates office.

Animals will be accepted as checked baggage, provided the total journey time (including any transit time) is less than 17 hours. For animals transiting Dubai as baggage, the minimum connecting time may be no more than 6 hours.

For animals traveling with Emirates, an emergency contact number and the optimum temperature requirement must always be shown on the animal’s container. All animals accepted for transportation with Emirates must have a valid health certificate (including any applicable vaccination records) and a valid import permit issued by the destination country. You should contact Emirates well before your flight to confirm any required procedures (such as permits, vaccinations, etc.) to allow your pet to travel. This process can take a long time, and you should allow one week before your flight to submit your paperwork to Emirates.


The transport of animals as checked baggage is always subject to excess baggage charges, even when no other checked baggage is being carried:

Weight (pet + container)Size (container)Fee
Up to 23 kgUp to 150 cmUSD 500
24-32 kg150-300 cmUSD 650
Over 32 kg150-300 cmUSD 800
Over 300 cmNot accepted

Service Dogs

Only Seeing-Eye Dogs may travel free of charge in the aircraft cabin on permitted flights. All other Service Dogs will be accepted as manifested cargo, free of charge, provided that credible evidence that the animal is a service dog is provided and the passenger is in possession of the requisite health and other necessary entry/exit permits.

In order that arrangements to receive the animal in the passenger terminal at Dubai Airport can be made, Emirates requires at least 48 hours advance notice from the passenger with a disability who intends to travel with a Seeing-Eye Dog in cabin. The Seeing-Eye Dog may be seated with the passenger in the aircraft cabin if the animal can be accommodated without obstructing the emergency exit row or main cabin aisle.

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