Seat Map Emirates Airbus A380 three class long-range

Seat map for Emirates Airbus A380 three class long-range

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Class Pitch Width Seats
First Class 86" 23" 14
Business Class 48" 18.5" 76
Economy Class 32-34" 18" 427

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Seat 45A
From Barcelona - El Prat De Llobregat (BCN)
To Dubai - Dubai (DXB)
We all know it's wonderful to fly in 'Business', 'First' or 'Platinum and Diamond Encrusted Everything' class. But what's it like for the rest of us?
This was my first time on an A380 (2nd time was the much longer connecting flight through to Sydney).
I thought I had scored a good front window, but in my row the port-holes lined up with the upright seats at take-off and landing. On my connecting flight, where the seat aligned with the window, I realised that the thickness of the fuselage made it seem I was looking down a hose-pipe.
I also missed having an optional foot-rest for comfort and bracing. Somehow I had sort of expected less turbulence, as with a larger liner, but this big bird wiggled constantly, from my seat in the nose, to the one at the.... other end. Can't help thinking there's a whole lot of metal fatigue going on.
Comfort wasn't increased by the fact that the passenger in front demonstrated an almost horizontal mode of relaxation, whereas my seat wouldn't actually recline. During an ensuing comedy scene, while a crew member dismantled my seat, I thought I might join the queue for the loo. After waiting some time, I returned to find the seat had actually been broken down to it's individual components: all but the back-frame moved about freely for the rest of the trip!
For these coveted window seats I sacrificed access not only to the bathroom, but to my back-pack, which was in a distant locker. With most people compensating for today's diminished luggage allowance by bringing one or more of the largest possible bags onboard, stowage is at a premium here. Consequently boarding, disembarkation and security checks take almost as long as the flight itself!
Annoyingly, half the passengers also seemed to comprise large, noisy family groups, who were given priority over the other half. Perhaps this may persuade some people to upgrade, but sadly, not all of us are travelling on expense accounts.
Also, a very late departure meant that the inadequate number of toilets were swamped and foul-smelling from the moment our seat-belt sign was extinguished.
It seemed like a lower crew to passenger ratio gave no time to clean anything, and no amount of button pushing or gesticulating got the crew's attention.
Also, menus were ostentatiously handed out at the start, but never fully implemented. However, there was food in my carpet and seat pockets from a previous occupant/s.
As well, the TV screen at the end of my nose (ie: behind the next passenger's head-rest ) and its remote, were cumbersome and hard to navigate. However, on the connecting flight, a newer model seemed to have resolved this problem with a slightly quicker touch-screen, and fewer choices.
When they got a chance, the crew seemed like they were doing their best to provide a modicum of service, but were clearly working with reduced resources, and perhaps less experience than is usual.
I may only fly 6 or 10 times a year, but over a lot of years and aircraft, this is the closest I've come to the dreaded 'Cattle Class'. It's hard to see these planes standing up to the wear and tear of carrying 'herds'.
Now, just don't get me started on the interminable terminal queues....
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Seat 16j
From Dubai
To Sydney
I fly to Sydney from Birmingham in the UK three times a year on average. I use Emirates because they collect me from home in a limo', deliver me back the same way. That means I can avoid London!

Since using the A380 for the first time I insist on booking on this flight every time now. It is a great aircraft and while the business class seats are not quite horizontal they are almost so. The personal space, storage and comfort are exceptional and I have never had occasion to be less than impressed with the service. I only live in hope that one day they will fly the Birmingham to Dubai leg on the A380 too.

The flight from Dubai to Sydney is non stop and I never fail to arrive refreshed and ready for anything.
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Seat 45A
From London - London Gatwick (LGW)
To Bkk
From LGW, DXB,
very good seat, good service, good food
Flight was very comfortable and pleasant too, film were all good selection
To my surprise from DXB I was upgraded to Business class,
As first time travelling on A380 I did not what to say just really very surprised
The whole journey was excellent as travelling in business class I took every minute of my trip a memorial journey
I took this my wedding present from EMIRATES as I getting married in bkk the following week.
Once again I want to thank the whole EMIRATES team from LONDON GATWICK TO BKK.
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Seat 26j
From Dubai-Dubai (DXB)
To Plaisance-Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Int (MRU)
Nice seat, great legroom and service (as expected in Business Class). No direct view to window as the seat is towards the aisle. A little less quieter than seats more in front because the bar is just behind this row where also the toilets are located. But no big issue. For single travelers as you have no direct connected seat for People travelling with you (children, wife etc.)
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Seat 51G
From London - London Gatwick (LGW)
To Perth - Perth International (PER)
Have flown Perth to Gatwick London and back again , via Dubai ,in the last 4 months sitting in the seat ,51G , most websites rate row 51 as bad seats . There is full recline at any time as there are no seats behind, no toilets only the galley bulkhead with space to walk through behind this row, seating is in the front section of the aircraft, in front of the engines ( low noise level ) the A380-800 is an amazing aircraft.
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Seat 53K
From London-London Heathrow (LHR)
To Dubai-Dubai (DXB)
7hrs flight EK 006 at 22:00 HNY at LHR. Picked seat 53K for a better outside view since it's just at the start of wing. This is my first A380 and must admit its impressive. The seat is little wider and big plus is larger leg room. Comfortable seat. The head rest is adjustable by raising or lowering.
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Seat 52H
From Dubai - Dubai (DXB)
To Singapore - Changi (SIN)
Emirates A380 is a home away from home. I always feel welcome and relaxed flying with them.

Friendly service, wide menu of food and drinks, on board WiFi as cheap as $1 and fantastic selection of entertainment options. Area where they can improve is the pre-flight experience, but part of it is the DXB management, not airline. Check in is slow, transfer decks are understaffed etc. Anyway, it's one of the best airlines and it's a pleasure flying with them
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Seat 2A
From dubai
To bangkok
Airport lounge huge variety of food and drink,I had idli and channa-paratha for brekfast, then a free 20 min back and neck massage.The lounge is a minute from first class plane entry.Private cabin with varied amenities and plenty of space, see emirates web site. Canapes, caviar,dom 2000, menu selection available on demand. Beds not as comfy as SQ first but ok.Six hour flight passed quickly.Quiet cabin, shower available, 5 mins running water.
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Seat 2E
From Beijing-Beijing Capital Int.(PEK)
To Dubai-Dubai(DXB)
Vuelo de Pekin a Dubai el 1 de marzo de 2011, en la unidad 25 de airbus 380-800 A6-EDH, Menu magnifico con caviar iraní, y champagne Don Pérignon. La ducha a 40000 pies de altura un lujo, tienes solo 5 minutos de agua, pero como solo habia 3 pasajeros en first, pude gastar 10 minutos de agua. Mis felicitaciones al fabricante Europeo AIRBUS, y a la compañia EMIRATES por saber elegir. Siempre ha habido Clases.
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Seat 9j
From Melbourne-Tullamarine (MEL)
To London-London Heathrow (LHR)
flight was very good, comfortable seats, good service. great lounge at Melbourne airport. BUT the lounge in T3 Dubai - terrible. put in a complaint on return to Australia. queue for the toilets (both!), food ran out, no where to sit comfortably together, hot, noisy, crowded, - a real let down Emirates! lounge at Lon(GW) wonderful on way home. traveling again this September - Hope Dubai has fixed the problem.
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