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First Class86"23"14
Business Class48"18.5"76
Economy Class32-34"18"427

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FromBarcelona - El Prat De Llobregat (BCN)
ToDubai - Dubai (DXB)
We all know it's wonderful to fly in 'Business', 'First' or 'Platinum and Diamond Encrusted Everything' class. But what's it like for the rest of us?
This was my first time on an A380 (2nd time was the much longer connecting flight through to Sydney).
I thought I had scored a good front window, but in my row the port-holes lined up with the upright seats at take-off and landing. On my connecting flight, where the seat aligned with the window, I realised that the thickness of the fuselage made it seem I was looking down a hose-pipe.
I also missed having an optional foot-rest for comfort and bracing. Somehow I had sort of expected less turbulence, as with a larger liner, but this big bird wiggled constantly, from my seat in the nose, to the one at the.... other end. Can't help thinking there's a whole lot of metal fatigue going on.
Comfort wasn't increased by the fact that the passenger in front demonstrated an almost horizontal mode of relaxation, whereas my seat wouldn't actually recline. During an ensuing comedy scene, while a crew member dismantled my seat, I thought I might join the queue for the loo. After waiting some time, I returned to find the seat had actually been broken down to it's individual components: all but the back-frame moved about freely for the rest of the trip!
For these coveted window seats I sacrificed access not only to the bathroom, but to my back-pack, which was in a distant locker. With most people compensating for today's diminished luggage allowance by bringing one or more of the largest possible bags onboard, stowage is at a premium here. Consequently boarding, disembarkation and security checks take almost as long as the flight itself!
Annoyingly, half the passengers also seemed to comprise large, noisy family groups, who were given priority over the other half. Perhaps this may persuade some people to upgrade, but sadly, not all of us are travelling on expense accounts.
Also, a very late departure meant that the inadequate number of toilets were swamped and foul-smelling from the moment our seat-belt sign was extinguished.
It seemed like a lower crew to passenger ratio gave no time to clean anything, and no amount of button pushing or gesticulating got the crew's attention.
Also, menus were ostentatiously handed out at the start, but never fully implemented. However, there was food in my carpet and seat pockets from a previous occupant/s.
As well, the TV screen at the end of my nose (ie: behind the next passenger's head-rest ) and its remote, were cumbersome and hard to navigate. However, on the connecting flight, a newer model seemed to have resolved this problem with a slightly quicker touch-screen, and fewer choices.
When they got a chance, the crew seemed like they were doing their best to provide a modicum of service, but were clearly working with reduced resources, and perhaps less experience than is usual.
I may only fly 6 or 10 times a year, but over a lot of years and aircraft, this is the closest I've come to the dreaded 'Cattle Class'. It's hard to see these planes standing up to the wear and tear of carrying 'herds'.
Now, just don't get me started on the interminable terminal queues....
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FromBarcelona - El Prat De Llobregat (BCN)
ToTokyo - New Tokyo International Airport (NRT)
Flew from Barcelona to Tokyo via Dubai, return, so several seat numbers, the return ones paid for. The leg from Dubai to Tokyo was a centre seat of 3 at the back and was actually, much more comfortable than expected. My only complaint is that if the person in front of you (and that goes for all seats) reclines competely, there is not enough room to eat comfortably and not even enough space to place a small bottle of wine. Cabin crew and I had to request on 2 occasions that the person in front lifted the seat to semi-recline, which may not be so comfortable for sleeping on a very long flight. Apart from that small detail, everything on the flight ran smoothly, all flights were punctual and as comfortabe as weather conditions allowed (only slight turbulence, short-lived, happily!). On 3 of the 4 flights staff worked very smoothly and efficiently. Everybody very pleasant indeed. On the Dubai/Barcelona leg (19/3) there was some confusion and lack of co-ordination.. not enough to disturb, but noticeable, which gave me to think that perhaps some of the crew were new to the job? Some were very young. The food was truly excellent. This is my second experience with Emirates and it continues to be my favourite airline. Boarding system is seamless. High praise. I will definitely fly with you again when going long-haul.
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I fly to Sydney from Birmingham in the UK three times a year on average. I use Emirates because they collect me from home in a limo', deliver me back the same way. That means I can avoid London!

Since using the A380 for the first time I insist on booking on this flight every time now. It is a great aircraft and while the business class seats are not quite horizontal they are almost so. The personal space, storage and comfort are exceptional and I have never had occasion to be less than impressed with the service. I only live in hope that one day they will fly the Birmingham to Dubai leg on the A380 too.

The flight from Dubai to Sydney is non stop and I never fail to arrive refreshed and ready for anything.
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FromGlasgow - Glasgow International (GLA)
ToDubai - Dubai (DXB)
Our first experience of the A380 did not disappoint especially as we flew first class as to birthday treat/surprise for my wife as her birthday happened during the flight.
We both found the seats were very comfortable with the added privacy of closing the suite door certainly helped although we had no noise issues even though first class was quite full.
Position of seat generally good although if flying first class again I would book 3e/f as our seat had the Emirates sign on the high level bulkhead slightly restrictive in cabin view though the only disappointing aspect is the if travelling with a partner the only practical option is the centre seats with design priority given to single travel passengers as you have the window seat with external view but that is our only non-positive comment
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FromLondon - London Gatwick (LGW)
From LGW, DXB,
very good seat, good service, good food
Flight was very comfortable and pleasant too, film were all good selection
To my surprise from DXB I was upgraded to Business class,
As first time travelling on A380 I did not what to say just really very surprised
The whole journey was excellent as travelling in business class I took every minute of my trip a memorial journey
I took this my wedding present from EMIRATES as I getting married in bkk the following week.
Once again I want to thank the whole EMIRATES team from LONDON GATWICK TO BKK.
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FromGlasgow - Glasgow International (GLA)
ToBangkok - Suvarnabhumi International (BKK)
I am a double amputee, i lost both my legs in cambodia standing on a landminen while i was there doing voluntary work. SINCE i have been able to fly again emirates crew, and check is staff have been AMAZIN, doing everything to make my getting to the departure gate easy, and the air stewards, and sterardesses checking me regularly to make sure i was comfortable. I was very, very comfortable, and the food was really, really tasty. IM looking forward to going back to thailand next week to see my son, and his wife again.
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FromDubai - Dubai (DXB)
Seat was really good, but some passengers felt the need to gather in the space in front of it, drinking wine, talking and laughing loudly and allowing their children to carry on as well. It was disappointing that the cabin crew did not speak to them and request they return to their seats. I think it is reasonable that people can stand there quietly and stretch etc but not be disruptive for quite a long time. It was also disappointing to go to the toilet to find that the soap and tissues had run out.
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FromMumbai - Chhatrapati Shivaji International (BOM)
ToSan Francisco, CA - San Francisco International (SFO)
May 6 - On Mumbai/Dubai sector adjacent to lavatory with limited recliner. Dubai/San Francisco sector it was similar to being restrained in police custody. Will be difficult to recommend to family or friends. However the Emirates staff surprised me with a mini champagne and a box of chocolate cake l believe at the request of a family friend for my 75th birthday on the previous day. Hope I have better experience on my return flight. My wife was equally uncomfortable on this trip and prays for better experience on return sector from Orlando MCO to Mumbai.
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FromDubai-Dubai (DXB)
ToPlaisance-Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Int (MRU)
Nice seat, great legroom and service (as expected in Business Class). No direct view to window as the seat is towards the aisle. A little less quieter than seats more in front because the bar is just behind this row where also the toilets are located. But no big issue. For single travelers as you have no direct connected seat for People travelling with you (children, wife etc.)
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FromMelbourne - Tullamarine (MEL)
ToDubai - Dubai (DXB)
Had ‘heard’ that Emirates’ economy was like other airlines’ Premium Economy. Well, it wasn’t. The seat was quite cramped, less so than on an Boeing 777 that we flew on later that day. For a 14 Hour flight it was just uncomfortable. The A380 is a beautiful aircraft, quiet and smooth and the staff were very efficient and polite but we were so happy to reach our destination. Next time we will look for seats with more legroom and perhaps the rear seats where there are only 2 seats by the window.
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