Emirates Boeing B777 300ER three class seat review by Michael McAdam #26097

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ToCairo-Cairo International(CAI)
It seems that in order to pay for its AVOD and good food, Emirates is under the impression that they need to squash as many pax as possible on to their planes. This is particularly true of all the 777s in economy class. Instead of the normal 9 abreast for most other airlines, Emirates has opted for a high density 10 abreast. True, they give you an extra inch or two of pitch, but if you are not intimately acquainted with your seat neighbour by the beginning of the flight, you certainly will be by the end. The exit door does give plenty of extra room to stretch out long legs, but you pay for this in terms of seat width. An already cramped seat becomes even more uncomfortable due to the tray table being stowed in the armrest. The ICE AVOD system is amazing, but not yet installed on all aircraft, so it is a bit hit and miss.
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