Emirates Boeing B777 300ER three class seat review by Mark Tomlinson #32140

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FromDubai - Dubai (DXB)
ToAdelaide - Adelaide International Airport (ADL)
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Legroom4 of 5
Seat width3 of 5
Seat recline5 of 5
Entertainment5 of 5
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Service5 of 5
We flew the Cape Town to Dubai leg on a 777 300 two class version. Seats 5 j and 5k. This was not good, the seats are cramped and the cabin has wasted space due to the large storage lockers in the center between the secon and last row of business class cabin. The next leg was on a three class version, so much better and it definitely has more space between seats. The seats are very confortable at the sides but it must be cramped in the middle seat due to the three seat configuration in the center. The business class on this aircraft while being of good quality does not match the more luxurious (as advertised) product of the competition airlines. Legroom was more than adequate although my wife had to step over my legs to reach the aisle when partly and fully reclined. The seat width was adequate for my body but some plastic obtrusions were felt when placing my arms at the inside and my outside arm was occasionally hanging in the aisle due to the low seat rest in the fully reclined position. A thin foam mattress was offered and accepted that covered any change of section in the seat cushion material. The only problem with the mattress was that it slid down the seat and bunched at the join of the seat and backrest. Some Velcro fixing strips at the head of the seat may solve this problem. The entertainment system is of the best with both touchscreen and key pad controls. Content is outstanding with more than enough films, music and other interesting items to occupy one for the full duration of the flight. Service by flight attendants was superb, with plenty of individual attention given, although the cabin was only about 70 percent occupied. One strange aspect of this flight is the breakfast service at approximately two hours after takeoff (departure time 02h00) and a seven hour gap until lunch service about two hours thirty minutes before arrival. Various packaged snacks and fresh fruit were placed at the galley entrance for any hungry passenger to collect. If any other service was required, the FA's made various visits to the cabin. Drinks were available on request as per a substantial list. The food quality appears to have deteriorated since my last flight with this carrier some ten years ago. Breakfast was of a standard previously served in economy class, with the only difference being that the serving dishes were enamel. A cheese omelette with no cheese accompanied by chicken chip prolate sausages, heated soggy potato hash and tomato with a surrounding of limp spinach achieved the status of typical airline food with no difficulty. A low sodium meal and gluten free meal as requested looked identical. A cold croissant accompanied both meals, but was exchanged for gluten free bread rolls after the content was questioned. I decided to forego the lunch, but asked my wife if her lunch was tasty, and received a comment that it was adequate. The content was an appetizer of salmon and a salad followed by a sliced chicken dish on the dry side. The vanilla dome desert was announced to have been very tasty. Overall the offering of transport, hotel room for extended layover in Dubai and meal vouchers make this product extremely good value for money. The airline will however have to upgrade the product to match the (untried, but well advertised) product offered by other airlines.
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