SWISS check-in

What check-in options are available for my SWISS flight?

SWISS offers its passengers the following check-in options to be used either before or after arrival at the airport:

  • Automated Check-in.
  • Web & Mobile Check-in.
  • Check-in Machine at the airport.
  • Check-in the Evening Before.

What are the airport check-in times for SWISS flights?

Opening and closing times of check-in desks vary according to the departure airport and the flight duration. Check-in desks open 2-4 hours before departure. Check-in deadlines vary depending on the travel class:

  • Economy Class: between 30 minutes and 90 minutes before departure.
  • Business Class: between 30 minutes and 60 minutes before departure.
  • First Class: between 35 minutes and 60 minutes before departure.

As an exception, the check-in deadline for flights departing from Tel Aviv is 2 hours before departure for all classes. For codeshare flights, the check-in times are set by the operating airline.

Automated Check-in

With Automated Check-in, SWISS will automatically send you your boarding pass 20 hours before departure. All you have to do is choose Automated Check-in when you book your SWISS flight online, at, if you are traveling with hand baggage only and the option is offered for your destination. You can choose to receive a printable boarding pass by e-mail or a mobile boarding pass by e-mail or SMS.

If additional passenger information is required, you can enter this information online up to 72 hours before departure. Around 20 hours before departure, you will be notified by email or SMS if the information is incomplete or not available, in which case you can no longer be checked-in automatically. If, up to 20 hours before your departure, you have not received your boarding pass or a notification, you will not be able to use Automated Check-in, but you can still choose from any of the other check-in options.

Web & Mobile Check-in

Web & Mobile Check-in for SWISS flights is available between 23 hours and 1 hour before departure from all airports (except Cagliari, Funchal, Hurghada, Lamezia Terme, Male, Nis – Serbia, Santiago de Compostela, Split, Varna). With Web & Mobile Check-in, you can check in up to 8 other people, select seats, enter additional passport information, and even request a mobile boarding pass. If you are unable to print out your boarding pass or you have forgotten it, you can obtain one at the airport, at a check-in machine or check-in desk. If you are traveling with hold baggage, you can check your baggage at a separate counter.

You cannot print a PDF boarding pass for flights departing from the following airports: Basel, Beijing, Cairo, Cape Town, Delhi, Mumbai (Bombay), Porto, Singapore.

For the following SWISS flights operated by partner airlines, you will be redirected to the check-in application for the operating airline:

Mobile Boarding Pass

The Mobile Boarding Pass option allows you to replace the paper boarding pass with a mobile boarding pass received as a text message or e-mail link. In addition to an Internet-enabled mobile phone, it is required for the departure airport to support this form of check-in.

When departing from St. Petersburg, the mobile boarding pass must be exchanged at check-in against a paper boarding pass. You will not be able to use a mobile boarding pass at the following airports: Basel SBB, Beijing, Cairo, Cape Town, Dar es Salaam, Delhi, Marrakech, Mumbai, Muscat, Peking, Porto, Shanghai, Singapore.

Baggage Tags – Home-printed Tag & RIMOWA Electronic Tag

On an increasing number of routes and in combination with Online Check-in, SWISS offers the option to prepare the baggage tags for your checked baggage before arriving at the airport:

  • For the RIMOWA Electronic Tag, you can check in for your SWISS flight with the Lufthansa app and transmit the electronic tag to your suitcase.
  • For home-printed baggage tags, you only need to choose this option during Online Check-in, print your baggage label, fold it, and attach it to your baggage using the plastic holder. If you do not yet have a plastic holder, one will be provided to you free of charge at the airport. At the airport, you just take your baggage to a bag drop counter or, if available, to the appropriate machine.

Check-in Machines

If you haven’t already checked in, a check-in machine can guide you through the check-in process in just a few steps. Up to 9 passengers can be checked in using a machine. Check-in machines allow you to choose your seat, print your boarding pass and even baggage tags (depending on local regulations). If you have already checked in, you can either change your “Miles & More” number or your seat, or just print your boarding pass at a check-in machine.

Check-in machines can be used to check in at the following airports:

Check-in the Night Before

Check-in the Night Before is available for all classes and all SWISS and Edelweiss flights departing from Zurich and Geneva. In combination with Online Check-in, you can check your luggage in at the airport up to 23 hours before departure. You will need your boarding pass if you want to check your baggage in on the previous day.

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