Eurowings check-in

How can I check in for a Eurowings flight?

You can choose from various ways to check in that Eurowings offers its passengers:

  • Web Check-in.
  • Mobile Check-in.
  • Self Check-in.
  • Check-in Desks.

What are the check-in deadlines for Eurowings flights?

For checking-in at the airport, Check-in Desks usually open 2 hours before departure for short- and medium-haul flights and 3 hours before departure for long-haul flights. Eurowings, in order to ensure flights depart on time, will not check in passengers after the following check-in deadlines:

  • 40-45 minutes before departure for short- and medium-haul flights.
  • 60 minutes before departure for long-haul flights.

If you are late and arrive at the check-in desk after closing, you will automatically forfeit your right to be transported. Eurowings does not allow check in the night before the flight, with one exception – check-in the evening before between 5.50 pm and 9 pm for all Eurowings Discover flights departing by 2 pm from Frankfurt (FRA). For flights operated by other airlines, their check-in conditions will apply.

Web Check-in

Quick and easy, Web Check-in is available for most short- and medium-haul flights from 72 before departure. For long-haul flights, Web Check-in is available only to/from Miami, Fort Myers – Florida, Las Vegas, New York – Newark, Punta Cana, Mauritius, and Bangkok from 24 before departure.

As a general rule, Web Check-in is available up to 3 hours before departure.  At most German airports and some other European airports, Web Check-in is available up to 40-45 minutes before departure.

All you need for Web Check-in is the six-figure booking code or your e-ticket number and a printer. When checking in online, you can check in all passengers, including infants, in your booking at once and reserve seats. On the Eurowings website, you can check in only for flights operated by Eurowings. For flights operated by partner airlines, you must check in using their online check-in services.

With Web Check-in, you can print out your boarding pass up to three days before departure, or you can use your mobile with an Internet connection to request your Mobile Boarding Pass if available. When traveling with only hand baggage, you can go directly to the gate. If you have baggage that has to be checked in, you must go to the check-in desk or baggage drop-off desk. Once Web Check-in is completed, you can only register checked baggage at the check-in desk.

For some destinations, the digital boarding pass cannot be issued due to stricter entry regulations. For selected international destinations, the digital boarding pass is available after confirming the myHealth Docs self-disclosure while checking in via Web or Mobile Check-in.

Mobile Check-in

Mobile Check-in is a quick and easy service that allows you to check in using a mobile device with an Internet connection. You can check the availability of Mobile Check-in for your departure airport on the Eurowings website.

With Mobile Check-in, you can choose where you want to sit and how you want your Mobile Boarding Pass:

  • Sent as a text message or e-mail.
  • Stored in Apple Wallet or your Eurowings app (available for iPhone or Android).

Self Check-in

When you have not already checked in before arriving at the airport, Self Check-in is an easy way to obtain your boarding pass. Check-in machines are available at London Heathrow, Dusseldorf, Dresden, Hamburg, Hanover, Nuremberg, Munich, Stuttgart, and Vienna airports. When you use a check-in machine at the airport, you can still choose your seat. If instead, you prefer to go to a check-in desk, a seat will be allocated to you.

Check-in Desks

The airport check-in service is free of charge for all passengers holding SMART or BIZClass bookings. This service is not included in the BASIC fare benefits. Passengers holding BASIC bookings who do not perform Web or Mobile Check-in (or Self Check-in, where available) must pay a fee of EUR 5 per passenger per flight to check in at the check-in desk. There is also the option to pre-purchase the airport check-in service at a 50% discount. Additionally, all passengers have the option to pre-purchase the priority airport check-in service for an additional fee of EUR 10 per passenger (available at selected airports only).

For some passengers, the airport check-in service is free of charge regardless of the fare booked:

  • Passengers flying on long-haul flights.
  • Infants (babies up to 2 years of age) – with or without a seat.
  • Special categories of passengers (Unaccompanied Minors, medical and disabled passengers, deportees, and inadmissible passengers).
  • Passengers holding one of the following special services (service animal, emotional support animal) or transporting a pet in the cabin or weapons and ammunition.
  • Frequent Traveller, Senator, or HON Circle members.
  • Passengers checking in or collecting their boarding passes at Eurowings transfer desks.
  • Passengers who are already checked in and are queuing for baggage drop-off or to get their boarding passes reprinted.

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