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Seat map for SWISS Airbus A319 112

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There are 7 A319s in the Swiss fleet of 69 planes, which have a total seating capacity of 110-126 passengers in a 2 class layout. The configuration shown here is the slightly unusual 110 passenger layout where there are more Business Class seats than Economy Class. These planes cruise at a speed of 850km/h, and have a range of 3000km.
The Swiss version of the Airbus A319, at 33.8 metres in length the smallest of the Airbus A320 family, seats 110 to 126 passengers. Swiss relies on the A319 on distances up to 3,000 kilometres. It is powered by twin CFM56 engines for an average cruising speed of 750 km/h.
Swiss deploys seven Airbus A319’s on flights within Europe and between Switzerland and North Africa and the Middle East. Their average age is 5 years.
Swiss operates a versatile fleet of 69 aircraft – 18 for long-haul and 51 for medium and short-haul operations. There are currently eight different types of aircraft in the fleet: for long-haul flights Swiss operates the Airbus A340 which entered service in July 2003 and A330. For medium and short-haul, it relies on the Airbus A320 family (A319, A320 and A321), the Avro RJ 85 and RJ 100 and the Embraer RJ 145.

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