SWISS Baggage and Carry-on

Find below SWISS approved luggage and carry-ons!

What is SWISS policy on hand baggage?

On all SWISS flights, all passengers (adults and children with their own seats) receive a complimentary hand baggage allowance.

What is SWISS policy on checked baggage?

For each passenger (including infants) except those with Economy Light tickets, SWISS will transport free of charge a certain amount of baggage. Free baggage allowances vary according to the booking class with regard to the quantity and weight.

Hand Baggage

The maximum permitted weight and dimensions for a piece of hand baggage are 8 kg and 55 x 40 x 23 cm. A foldable garment bag can also be accepted as hand baggage if its dimensions don’t exceed 57 x 54 x 15 cm.

Economy Class passengers can bring with them on board one piece of hand baggage. Passengers in First and Business Class can bring two pieces of hand baggage, but only if the rules that apply in the country of destination allow it. For example, passengers traveling to the US or Italy must check in their second piece of hand baggage.

Other permitted items that may also be taken on board are:

  • A laptop bag, handbag or shoulder bag (max. 40 x 30 x 10 cm).
  • A child’s seat (if a seat has been booked for an infant).
  • One pair of crutches, other kinds of prostheses or medical equipment.

Checked Baggage

Maximum limits are set for the size and weight of each piece of checked baggage. Any piece of baggage over 32 kg in weight will not be accepted, and the sum of its dimensions (width + depth + height) should not exceed 158 cm or excess baggage charges will apply.

On all SWISS flights worldwide, the following free baggage allowances apply per passenger:

  • SWISS Economy:
    • Economy Light fare – no free baggage allowance.
    • All other Economy fares – 1 piece up to 23 kg (increased allowances may apply on certain routes: e.g., 2 pieces up to 23 kg each to/from Japan, from Switzerland to Brazil, from India to the US, etc.).
  • SWISS Business – 2 pieces up to 32 kg each.
  • SWISS First – 3 pieces up to 32 kg each.

Excess Baggage

Without advance notification, passengers can check in a total of 4 pieces of baggage per booking reference. To check in baggage above these amounts, you must contact SWISS Service Center in advance.

Any piece of baggage that is too heavy or too big, or in addition to the free baggage allowance, will be transported for an additional charge per route (connecting flights within 24 hours will be considered as one route, but charges for return flights must be paid at the departure airport in the local currency).

Excess BaggageEuropeIntercontinental
1st standard piece*
Economy Light only
CHF 30
EUR 25
CHF 45
EUR 40
CHF 60
EUR 55
Additional standard piece**
(up to 23 kg and 158 cm)
CHF 55
EUR 45
CHF 90
EUR 75
CHF 120
EUR 100
CHF 140
EUR 115
CHF 180
EUR 150
CHF 200
EUR 160
Oversized piece
(over 158 cm)
CHF 210
EUR 175
CHF 420
EUR 350
Overweight piece
(24-32 kg)
CHF 150
EUR 125
CHF 300
EUR 250
Oversized & overweight piece
(over 158 cm & 24-32 kg)
CHF 270
EUR 225
CHF 540
EUR 450
*Lower rates apply for the 1st standard piece of baggage on routes within Switzerland:

  • Online – CHF 20 / EUR 15
  • Check-in – CHF 35 / EUR 30

**Lower rates apply for the 2nd standard piece of baggage in SWISS Economy on routes to/from the US, Canada, Mexico, and Central America (Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama):

  • Online – CHF 85 / EUR 80 / USD 85 / CAD 85.
  • Check-in – CHF 100 / EUR 90 / USD 100 / CAD 100.

Sporting Equipment

The first set of ski/snowboard equipment will be transported free of charge on all flights (except the Economy Light fare). One set of golf equipment will be transported free of charge on all SWISS flights for SWISS Golf Travellers. For Miles & More HON, Senators, and Star Alliance Gold members, one set of golf equipment will be transported free of charge on all flights except to/from/via Canada and the US.

Sporting equipment will incur no extra charge provided that you do not exceed your free baggage allowance. Special rates apply for sporting equipment listed in the table if you exceed your free allowance (quantity, weight or size). The special rates apply when the content of the sporting baggage includes exclusively the items listed by SWISS or if only one item that is not featured in the list is included in the baggage. If more than one that is not featured in the list is included in the sporting baggage, the normal rates for excess baggage will apply.

Sporting Equipment Within Europe Intercontinental
Archery, badminton, bowling, diving, fishing, golf, hockey, mountaineering,
parachute, ski, snowboard, squash, tennis, water skiing equipment.
CHF 60
EUR 50
CHF 120
EUR 100
Bicycle, boogie board, bodyboard, wakeboard, inline skates, javelins, kite surfboard,
skateboard, surfboard (up to 2 m long), wave board, sporting and hunting firearms.
Canoe, kayak, hang gliding equipment, longboard (more than 2 m), pole vault
equipment, riding equipment, rubber dinghy, tandem, windsurfing equipment.
CHF 120
EUR 100
CHF 240
EUR 200

Baggage Service

Baggage irregularities (delayed, lost or damaged baggage) must be reported to the Lost & Found office as soon as you arrive at your destination. If, after you have left the airport, you notice the damage, SWISS will only assume liability for damage if you report it within 7 days.

If your baggage arrives late when you are abroad, SWISS contributes to the costs of replacement purchases. To make a claim, you must send the written loss report and copies of the purchase receipts by post. Expenses for toiletries, underwear and a change of clothes (if necessary) are reimbursed up to the maximum amount of:

  • USD 300 – SWISS First.
  • USD 200 – SWISS Business.
  • USD 100 – SWISS Economy.

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