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3.5 of 5
ToMiami-Miami International Airport(MIA)
Seat 23A is a bulkhead seat. I chose it hoping to have more legroom, being 6' 2" tall. It was nice not having anybody in front of me, but the inability to stretch my legs out at all was bad. I had to periodically stand up and remain standing for the 10 hour flight. Also the seat is narrower to accomodate the video screen and tray table which stow into the armrest. Entertainment options were awful. Unusable. Entertainment controller was beaten up and well worn. It was pretty easy to stand up and get past the guy sitting next to me though. I don't know if there is a lavatory immediately in front of my bulkhead (the curtain was closed), but I smelled a significant odor of that strange bathroom toilet chemical they use. It came and went, but was a little annoying). For coach, the food was great. Got served food twice, ice cream, hot towels, numerous drinks, and some Swiss chocolate. I was VERY pleased. SWISS airlines are awesome. Better than Lufthansa and blows any American brand out of the water! If you're tall, the seat to have is 23D. I was green with envy.
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FromNew York-John F Kennedy Intl (JFK)
ToZurich-Zürich-Kloten (ZRH)
I must admit I am spoiled. Flying regularly Swiss Business Class (had an upgrade on the flight to New York. On the return I had not only coach, but Edelweiss Air instead of Swiss. You can feel they are normally a holiday airline. I didn't get the super duper treatment I normally get as a status client / frequent flyer. Now to the seat : ok for legroom. normal economy class. Rather narrow to my taste. Near the toilet (lot of traffic ). Plus, I had a seat neighbour (what Swiss and lufthansa normally avoid with their status clients )
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3.5 of 5
FromMiami - Miami International Airport (MIA)
ToZurich - Zürich-Kloten (ZRH)
We were very pleasantly surprised by the extra legroom. We could put our legs in the storage compartment in front of us, even slightly raised and so had almost reclining seats. Good view through the window, unfortunately on the wing and hardly view down, but very quiet regarding the noise. We were always the first to be served. The seat 23J is a bit narrower, because the operation of the entertainment in the left armrest is installed against the seat. This is unpleasant for a few strong people.
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FromZurich - Zürich-Kloten (ZRH)
ToBoston - Logan International (BOS)
Having flown over on Air Canada on a 787, I was extremely disappointed with th 330 300. Seats were very narrow and pitch was too little. The seat in front of me was reclined the whole trip and was in my face all the timeThis made it very difficult to eat or get up. I I'll never fly this plane again. I also broke a crown on a bone in the chicken with no response from the flight staff.
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2.5 of 5
FromNew Delhi-Indira Gandhi Intl (DEL)
ToZurich-Zürich-Kloten (ZRH)
It's is Always a problem when the person in front of you lean backwards. Do it like Chathey Pacific. The backsite is not moving. No problem woith the neighbour behind you.
At noght only water was provided. Once an hour or less. That was very poor. A little snack, a cookie or chrisp is at least what I expected. Like other companies do.
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4.5 of 5
FromNewark - Newark Liberty International (EWR)
ToZurich - Zürich-Kloten (ZRH)
Excellent seat. Although gallies and restrooms are right behind you, they are separated well with heavy curtain. You get both a window and aisle in this seat. Plenty of overhead storage.

I got this ticket via Star Alliance and they assign the seat. But when you check-in online, you can change to others, if available.
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Swiss is a low cost airline, from the seat to the service. How do they compare to the rest? Same low quality, no differentiation, they don't even try. Think, you are going from point A to point B. Expect the lowest expectations and and you won't have any surprises.
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FromTokyo - New Tokyo International Airport (NRT)
ToZurich - Zürich-Kloten (ZRH)
Seat in business class, with very good assistant staff. As this is a trip to/from Asia they have a quite big bussines class, more than 20 rows, so the service is not so “exclusive” than other smaller flights to Latinamerica.
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3.5 of 5
ToMumbai-Chhatrapati Shivaji International(BOM)
Economy class seat is very comfortable as sompared to some other airlines. Entertainment system needs an upgrade seriously... same old dated movies...
overall flight cleanliness was acceptable....
food was just okay, dinner served was of very poor quality....
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Good place , as are only 2 seats, i.e, passenger is not squeezed in the middle 4 seats. Far from toilets which are in the mid of the plane, so the around row 43 it is more quiet.
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