Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) check-in

How can I check in for a SAS Airlines flight?

When traveling on SAS Airlines, various options are available for passengers to check in before or after arriving at the airport:

  • Online Check-in.
  • Mobile Check-in (via the app, mobile site, or SAS SMS service).
  • Self-Service Kiosk Check-in.
  • Counter Check-in.

Passengers traveling with pets, unaccompanied minors or passengers with special baggage (including wheelchair) will receive personal assistance at the check-in counter since they cannot check in online.

When must I check-in for my SAS flight?

Even if they have a pre-reserved seat, SAS recommends that passengers check in according to the deadlines below to ensure that they get the chosen seat.

Check-in Deadlines
 Check-in OptionSAS Business, SAS Plus, EuroBonus
Gold and Star Alliance Gold members
 Online & Mobile60 minutes60 minutes
 SAS self-service kioskDomestic: 30 minutes
To Europe: 30 minutes
From Europe: 45 minutes
To/from US/Asia: 60 minutes
Domestic: 30 minutes
To Europe: 40 minutes
From Europe: 45 minutes
To/from US/Asia: 60 minutes
 SAS counterTo Europe: 30 minutes
From Europe: 45 minutes
To US/Asia: 50 minutes
From US/Asia: 60 minutes
To Europe: 40 minutes
From Europe: 45 minutes
To US/Asia: 50 minutes
From Asia: 60 minutes
From US: 90 minutes

For domestic flights with connecting flights to the US, passengers must be at the first domestic airport 40 minutes before departure time to have enough time for check-in and document verification.

Online Check-in

Online Check-in with SAS is available from 22 hours to 1 hour before departure from most departure airports. This also applies for LOT Polish Airlines and bmi Regional flights departing from Scandinavia. Passengers can also check in for connecting flights with another Star Alliance partner, like Lufthansa, SWISS, United Airlines or Air Canada.

For flights from outside Scandinavia, Online Check-in is available, except for flights from the following airports: Alanya, Bucharest, Bastia, Cagliari, Dubrovnik, Faro, Larnaca, Lisbon, Naples, Olbia, Palermo, Pisa, Pristina, Pula, Salzburg, Split, Tenerife.

Passengers need their booking reference or the card connected to the reservation. Up to six people can check in at a time. If there are more than six passengers in the group, you must enter the booking reference again and check in the remaining passengers. With SAS Online Check-in service, passengers can choose the seat before departure free of charge. Online Check-in service allows SAS Go passengers to purchase lounge access when checking-in online and to pay for extra baggage at the same time.

Online Check-in can be used to register the EuroBonus card, change the seat, pay for extra baggage, re-book a flight if the ticket type permits and register mandatory passenger information when traveling to the US or the UK. Remember to print out the boarding passes when checking-in online before arriving at the airport or retrieve them from a self-service kiosk at the airport.

Mobile Check-in

SAS Airlines offers three easy options for Mobile Check-in, which allow for your boarding pass to be delivered directly to your mobile phone:

  • The SAS app for iPhone and Android.
  • The SAS mobile portal, by accessing on your mobile.
  • The SAS SMS service – if you include your mobile number when you make your booking, 22 hours before departure (but not between 10pm and 7am), you will receive an SMS. All you need do is to reply ‘Yes’ to the SMS in order to check in, and you will receive another SMS with the link to your mobile boarding pass.

Passengers can use Mobile Check-in when traveling:

  • Within Scandinavia and Finland.
  • To Europe and the rest of the world from Scandinavia.
  • To Scandinavia from some destinations.

Although Mobile Check-in is available, passengers cannot use a mobile boarding pass when departing from Beijing, Shanghai, Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Tel Aviv. You can print a boarding pass from a SAS self-service kiosk or pick it up check-in counter.

Self-Service Kiosk Check-in

Unaccompanied children, as well as passengers traveling with pets or special baggage, including wheelchairs, cannot check in using a self-service kiosk.

Self-Service Kiosk Check-in is available for flights:

  • Within Scandinavia and Finland.
  • To Europe and the rest of the world from Scandinavia.
  • To Scandinavia from some destinations.

If passengers have baggage to check in, they can use a self-service kiosk at the airport to print out bag tags and then attach them to the bags before leaving them at the bag drop. In case of extra baggage, they can pay for it when checking in online, at a SAS Self Service Kiosk, where available, or at the bag drop. Passengers can check in at a SAS self-service kiosk if they are traveling from Stockholm to the US, but must collect their bag tags at a bag drop. If you are traveling from Arlanda and Lulea in Sweden or Norway to the UK and the Schengen Area, you can also use the Self-Service Bag Drop. The maximum baggage weight of the Self-Service Bag Drop is 20 kg/piece.


Passengers should be at the gate at least 20 minutes before the departure time for flights within Europe, and for travel to/from outside Europe, the deadline is 40 minutes.

When traveling with SAS Airlines from Scandinavia, you can use the credit card, EuroBonus card or Travel Pass as a boarding pass throughout the airport if you have the trip registered on a card with a magnetic stripe and are checked-in. A printed or mobile boarding pass is needed in the following situations:

  • If the trip is not registered on a card.
  • When several passengers are traveling on a plastic card – in this case, printed boarding passes are required for all passengers.
  • When the first flight departs from outside Scandinavia.
  • When the trip continues with a connecting flight operated by another airline.
  • When traveling to the UK, the US and other countries that are not in the Schengen area.

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