SWISS flying with pets

Are animals accepted on SWISS flights?

Animals are accepted on all SWISS flights and any route, as long as the regulations in the destination country permit it. Animals are not accepted either in the cabin or as checked baggage in the following countries: the UK, Ireland, Hong Kong, Kenya, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates. When traveling to these countries, animals may only be transported as freight.

Pets are accepted only once they have reached the age of 12 weeks (16 weeks for flights from/to the US).

How can I transport my pet on SWISS flights?

SWISS allows the transportation of small dogs and cats in the aircraft cabin. Also, larger dogs with an assistance or protective function (e.g. guide dogs for passengers with impaired hearing or vision) are allowed to accompany their owner in the cabin.

When the pet’s weight or the size of its container doesn’t permit to be transported in the cabin, pets must be transported in the hold. Dogs, cats, rabbits, and hares can be transported as checked baggage.

What documents do I need to travel with my pet?

Depending on the country of destination, different rules and regulations apply for traveling with animals by air. You should book your travel in plenty of time and present your pet’s documents, which include health and vaccination certificates and import, export and transit papers. If your animal has not had the required vaccinations and is not allowed to enter a country, then you must pay for the return flights.

Pets in the Cabin

SWISS will transport in the cabin only dogs and cats weighing up to 8 kg. The maximum weight includes the transport container, which must be a soft container, clean, escape-proof and scratch proof. There must be enough space for the animal in the container, but its size must not exceed 55 x 40 x 23 cm.

To be allowed in the cabin, the pet must be clean and healthy and must not smell. It must not be pregnant or dangerous, or annoy any of the passengers.

For the duration of the flight, the pet must remain fully in the container, and the container under your seat. Due to the nature of seats, container cannot be stored under the seat in Business or First Class on Airbus A330 and Airbus A340 aircraft. For takeoff and landing, the container will be stored by the crew in an overhead locker, in the wardrobe or under an Economy Class seat.

Pets as Checked Baggage

Pets must be transported in the hold when the weight, including transport container, exceeds 8 kg and/or the container is bigger than 55 x 40 x 23 cm (the permitted size for transportation in the cabin). The pet must be clean and healthy and must not smell. It must not be pregnant or dangerous. SWISS recommends passengers traveling with pets as checked baggage to be at the check-in counter 1 hour before the check-in deadline.

In the hold, pets must travel in a suitable container or crate with enough food and water for the duration of the journey. SWISS adheres to IATA Live Animals Regulations, the global standard for transporting animals by air. Conditions, appearance and minimum sizes of transport containers must comply with IATA requirements. The IATA “Live Animals” label must be attached to the container.

Kennel sizeDimensions in cmWeight in kg
157 x 36 x 374
271 x 50 x 516
382 x 57 x 608
493 x 65 x 6811
5 (not accepted on Avro ARJ 100, Bombardier CS100Bombardier CS300 aircraft)105 x 75 x 7914

Fees for Transporting Pets

Animals are not included in the free baggage allowance and are always charged as excess baggage. The fees for transporting animals vary depending on route:

RouteTransport in the cabinTransport in the hold
(Max. 8 kg)
(Kennel size 1)
(Kennel size 2-5)
Switzerland-EuropeCHF 60CHF 120CHF 240
Switzerland-IntercontinentalCHF 90CHF 180CHF 360
Within EuropeEUR 50EUR 100EUR 200
Europe-IntercontinentalEUR 70EUR 150EUR 300
Intercontinental-EuropeUSD/CAD 100USD/CAD 200USD/CAD 400
(via Europe)

Assistance Dogs

The transport of certified Assistance Dogs in the cabin is free of charge. You must inform SWISS when making your reservation that you intend to travel with an Assistance Dog. There are no size or weight restrictions for Assistance Dogs, and they are not required to travel in a container.

Emotional support dogs are accepted free of charge only on SWISS flights to/from the US (including direct connections).

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