Seat Map Delta Air Lines Boeing B737 800 (738)

Seat map for Delta Air Lines Boeing B737 800 (738)

Seating details

First Class38"21"16
Economy Comfort34"17.2"36
Economy Class31-32"17.2"108

General presentation

There are a total of 71 B737´s in Delta’s fleet, all of which are owned by Delta. These planes are generally used for short to medium-haul flights although they may sometimes be used for longer flights. This plane has a cruise speed of 531mph, a range of 2789 miles and a capacity of 150 passengers. There is a video facility on this plane.
Delta provide EmPower power ports on B777, B737-800, and B767-400 in Business Elite and all classes of service. Adaptors are necessary and can be bought on international flights to Europe, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, India, and Japan.

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FromLos Angeles-Los Angeles International (LAX)
ToCancun-Cancún International (CUN)
My kids and I sat in 11 D, E, and F. Flight was good and the seat moves forward as the seat rest reclines which was very nice.
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