Delta Air Lines flying with babies

Is there an age restriction for babies traveling on Delta Airlines flights?

There is no age restriction for babies, as long as accompanied by an 18 years old adult, except when you are traveling with a newborn less than 8 days old. For traveling with a baby less than 7 days old, you need to provide a letter of approval from a physician, stating that it’s appropriate for the newborn to fly.
Nevertheless, Delta Airlines has a restriction regarding the number of infants per adult. An 18 years old adult may accompany only 2 babies if they both are less than 2 years old.

When am I required to purchase a ticket for my child?

You are required to purchase a ticket for your child when:

  • The child is two years or older.
  • The child turns two during a trip – for the entire journey, and not just for the remaining parts of the journey!
  • You are traveling with two children – for the baby who will not be sitting in your lap.
  • You travel on an international flight – regardless of your baby’s age, and whether or not he has a reserved seat.

You may want to buy him a ticket if you want your baby to earn miles for a SkyMiles account.

Do I need any special items when traveling with my baby?

If your baby has a separate seat, he/she must be properly secured in an FAA-approved child restraint system, and in the aircraft seat during takeoff and landing. It is your responsibility to ensure that the child restraint system is approved. On Delta Airlines flights are approved for use the child restraint systems that meet the following qualifications and labeling:

  • Restraints manufactured within the U.S. after 2/25/85 with the following labels:
    • Conforms to all applicable federal motor vehicle standards.
    • Is certified for use in motor vehicles and aircraft.
  • Restraints manufactured within the U.S. between 1/1/81 and 2/25/85 with the following label:
    • Conforms to all applicable federal motor vehicle standards.
  • Restraints manufactured outside the U.S. with the following labels:
    • Has the approval of a foreign government.
    • Was manufactured under standards of the United Nations.

Booster seats, vest and harness-type¹ child restraint systems are not permitted.

¹Except for the FAA-approved harness-type restraint, AmSafe Aviation CARES.

Does Delta Airlines offer fare discounts for infants or children?

Babies less than 2 years old can travel for free on domestic Delta Airlines flights when sitting on the adult’s lap. Delta Airlines does not offer discounted fares for children of any age traveling within the US.

When traveling with an infant sitting on your lap on international flights, usually the discounted infant fare is about 10% of the adult fare, plus any international taxes and surcharges, which can be significant.

When purchasing a reserved seat for a child on international flights, Delta may offer discounted child fares, depending on the child’s age.

Infant on Lap

Babies less than 2 years old can travel for free on domestic Delta Airlines flights when sitting on the adult’s lap. For international flights, the discounted infant fare mentioned above is charged.


You may view or change the seat assignment, prior to arrival at the airport. Keep in mind that, when traveling with a child, you are not allowed to occupy some seats, due to FAA regulations!

A pointing of Infant in Arms will be included on your boarding pass to alert the flight crew. If upon boarding there is an empty seat in your row, you may take your FAA-approved child restraint seat on board and use it for takeoff and landing.


Onboard bassinets, also known as SkyCots, for babies up to 20 lbs (9 kg) weight and up to 26 inches (66 cm) long are available free of charge on some international flights. SkyCots are available at select seats (2 SkyCots per aircraft) and can be requested through Delta Reservations.


There is no baggage allowance for an unticketed child. The child’s baggage counts as part of the adult’s allowance². Children’s safety seats and strollers can be checked for free, and are not included in the standard baggage allowance.
Children traveling with tickets purchased at 10% of the adult fare have a checked baggage allowance of:

  • 1 bag no more than 20 lbs / 10 kg, and 45 linear inches, except on Transatlantic Basic Economy fare.
  • 1 fully collapsible stroller or pushchair.

²Infant & Children Items

Infants Traveling with Their Own Tickets

Delta Airlines recommends that you buy a ticket for your infant and use an approved child restraint device on board the airplane when traveling with a baby less than 2 years old. For infants traveling with their own tickets on international flights, Delta Airlines offers country-specific discounts on the full adult fare.


When you buy a ticket for your baby, due to FAA regulations, the child restraint device cannot occupy:

  • Emergency exit rows, nor any seat one row forward or one row back from an emergency exit row.
  • Aisle seats.
  • Bulkhead seats when the safety seat is a combination car seat and stroller.
  • Flatbed seats in the Delta One cabin of the following aircraft: Airbus A330 200 & A330 300, and Boeing B767.

The child restraint system should never obstruct other passengers’ access to the aisle. If, on a single-aisle aircraft, the child restraint system is placed in the middle seat, the accompanying adult must take the window seat. More than one child safety seat is allowed on a row.


For domestic flights, infants traveling with their own tickets benefit from the same standard baggage allowance as any other adult.

Depending on the discount that Delta may offer for a child traveling on international flights, the baggage allowance may differ. The standard adult baggage allowance applies when Delta Airlines offers a discount of less than 50% of the adult fare.

Strollers and car seats are not counted as part of the standard baggage and checked for free.


When you are traveling on a Delta Airlines domestic flight with a 2 year old baby, you have to buy him a ticket at full adult fare.

On international flights, Delta Airlines requires purchasing a ticket for children ages 2 years and older and offers country-specific discounts on the full adult fare for children ages 2 through 12. Children with tickets purchased with less than 50% discount of the full adult fare benefit from the standard baggage allowance.

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