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First Class372120

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FromOntario - Ontario International (ONT)
ToAtlanta, GA - Hartsfield-jackson Atlanta International (ATL)
This is for the Delta 737-900ER (739) plane. My flight was 3 hours 33 minutes, so enough time to get a feel.

I used to use seat guru to select seats, but since they were bought out by Trip Advisor, the service sucks. I was in 15A. Should be a window seat. There’s NO window. Pretty ticked.

I am a short, petite female so space in economy is fine. I have plenty of leg room and the seat was wide enough for me and some extra.

There was a passenger behind me, so I didn’t want to test the recline feature just to test it.

There was an unseat screen that worked fine. Same crappy supplemental power and it took almost an hour to increase my battery by 10%, but that’s usual.

The guy in front of me did recline his seat and it put the tray pretty close snd that definitely would have been an issue for a larger person.

Snacks were handed out twice. Small bottle of water, small bag of goldfish, biscoff cookie (I think, I didn’t take any snack bag) napkin and hand wipe. It is what it is during these COVID times.

The flight attendants were fine, though the flight leader clearly had enough and should have been put down for a nap.
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FromFort Myers - Southwest Florida Reg (RSW)
ToAtlanta, GA - Hartsfield-jackson Atlanta International (ATL)
N851DN delivered on 1/19/16, so new, still smelled of new plastic inside. First class window seat was very comfortable. Plenty of legroom and width. Recline was full and unrestricted with adjustable head rests. The entertainment system in the seat back worked perfectly. Plenty of entertainment choices from movies, live TV and games. The screen for row 1 is mounted on the bulkhead, so it would be further away to watch and to access the on screen controls. The only criticism I have of this aircraft in the volume of airflow through the overhead vents. The interior temperature was very warm when we boarded and the overhead vent produced hardly any air movement. The air flow did not improve during the flight. Boeing could have left this feature off this aircraft. So, you are at the mercy of the flight crew to control your temperature comfort though the main HVAC system. After reading bad reviews of the comfort of this aircraft, I almost changed my flight to avoid it. Other than the airflow, there is no reason to avoid this aircraft.
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FromTampa - Tampa International (TPA)
ToDetroit, MI - Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County (DTW)
Piece of shit seats in economy. I'm 5'11" and I had to try to hold my knees away from the seatback in front of me the whole trip. You do not get your own armrest, its shared with your neighbor what the fuck? I weigh 185 and the seat is too skinny for me to be comfortable so beware. Less overhead space than the MD-88 so if your flight is booked, be prepared to be held up in pre-flight loading for 25 passengers to voluntarily CHECK their bags. Smaller windows than the MD-88 and if you don't get a window seat you do not get control of any air from the overhead. Bullshit. Lastly, the fucking screens on the backs of the chairs are right in line with being able to see what the hell is going on, annoying at least and a death trap at most. Avoid the economy seats or get on another plane.
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FromKansas City - Kansas City International Airport (MCI)
ToMinneapolis - Minneapolis - St. Paul Intl (MSP)
I usually choose Comfort on Delta due to boarding early, extra room and some extra small perks. I also try to choose a seat close to the front of Comfort and by a window. On this trip, I chose 11A. I was completely happy with the seat, window area and entertainment system. I do believe the overhead lighting has been updated on this plane. I think it might be time to update the seats as they are a bit hard. Seat pockets were average. The service was just fine with snacks/drinks served, considering the flight was only 1.5 hrs. Sometimes I choose row 10, but the entertainment system is often in the seat arm which is a bit inconvenient.
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FromDetroit, MI - Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County (DTW)
ToOrlando - Orlando International (MCO)
As with a lot of airlines, passenger comfort in economy is 'you get what you pay for.' I'm not tall, so leg room was adequate, but cramped for a taller person. Seat width was similar, even somewhat narrow for me. Didn't use the recline as it's almost a useless feature.
The saving grace for Delta is that baggage is free, you can find decent fares if your not tied into a specific date, entertainment is good, and the staff is very friendly.
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Seat37 E
FromMexico City - Internacional Benito Juarez (MEX)
ToMinneapolis - Minneapolis - St. Paul Intl (MSP)
Did you ever hear the saying D.E.L.T.A = Don't Expect Luggage To Arrive? Well I can prove you right! The luggage at MSP took 1 hour to arrive. I saw six fucking suitcases that looked like mine, but it came after 1 hour and 23 minutes! Also, I recorded footage of a fucking flight attendant twerking in front of the pilots! I mean, what the fuck did I see! Delta, You are an asshole, a motherfucking asshole!
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FromSalt Lake City, UT - Salt Lake City International (SLC)
Awful seats in economy - worst legroom of any flight I’ve flown this year and it was a 5 hour torture chamber with my knees jammed into the seat in front of me and my feet curled together in a ball (I’m six feet tall). Plus no window in this row so now shoulder room either. Could not recline because my knees are trapped against the seat ahead. Absolutely Awful.
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FromNew York - John F Kennedy Intl (JFK)
ToSan Juan - Luis Munoz Marin Intl (SJU)
Good seat. Tray table on 2A comes out of armrest and sagged so that I used a magazine at the hinge. My wife in 2B had no problem with her table. Very good selection of movies and other TV shows. Plenty of leg room and the seats were nose and wide allowing you to more in your seat.
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FromMinneapolis - Minneapolis - St. Paul Intl (MSP)
ToSalt Lake City, UT - Salt Lake City International (SLC)
Miserable flight. The most cramped seat ever. I am average height and weight. Passengers are jammed in like a sardine in a sardine can. The most cramped seat I have ever experienced. My knees were jammed into and pressed into the seat in front of me. I will never fly on the Boeing 737-900ER again. Don't fly on this airplane.
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FromBoston - Logan International (BOS)
ToCancun - Cancún International (CUN)
15A - No window
Row 19 - extra leg room but limited/no recline
Row 20 - only 2 seats per side, but no extra legroom and limited/no recline
Row 21 - the A & F window seats have extra legroom due to the lack of a seat in front, but otherwise the BC & DE seats do not have extra legroom
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