Delta Air Lines Baggage and Carry-on

How can I calculate my baggage fees?

To estimate your baggage fees you must take into consideration the travel destination, date of ticket purchase, and the number, size and weight of your bags, whether you check in online or at the airport. Discounted baggage fees are no longer offered by Delta Airlines for online check-in!

How many checked bags am I allowed?

Every passenger is permitted up to 10 checked bags on Delta operated flights. On Delta Connection carrier flights only 4 checked bags per passenger are allowed. Special restrictions apply for flights to or from Key West, Florida, allowing only one checked bag per passenger.

All bags starting with the third checked bag, if not subject to special exception, are considered excess baggage and additional fees will be charged per piece.

How many free bags can I check?

You can check in without paying baggage fee up to 2 bags, depending on the route, class of service and bag weight.

If you are flying First or Delta One class within the U.S., you can check for free 2 bags up to 70 lbs / 32 kg each. If you are flying Delta Premium  Select class within the U.S., you can check for free 2 bags up to 50 lbs / 23 kg each. If on the same route you are flying in the Main Cabin (Delta Comfort+, Main Cabin, Basic Economy fares), you must pay a 30 USD, respectively 40 USD fee, for the first and respectively the second checked bag that does not exceed 50 lbs / 23 kg.

For all other flights, the general rule¹ is 1 checked bag allowed per passenger, with no extra charge. For certain routes, specific allowances apply.

¹Standard Baggage Allowance

Can I benefit from special exceptions from standard baggage allowance?

Special exceptions regarding standard baggage allowance apply for:

  • SkyMiles Medallion Members.
  • SkyMiles credit cardmembers from American Express.
  • Active duty U.S. military personnel.


On Delta Airlines flights, you are allowed one piece of carry-on and one personal item (i.e. laptop, diaper bag, etc.), as long as they can be properly stored in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you. In addition, you may take on board the following approved items: a jacket or umbrella, food or drink purchased after clearing the security checkpoint, duty-free merchandise, or special items (e.g. strollers, child restraint seats or assistive devices such as wheelchairs or crutches).

You are not allowed one piece of carry-on, but only one personal item, on Delta Connection flights, or if the aircraft has no more than 50 seats.

To avoid being asked to check your baggage, you must comply with the following size restrictions:

  • 22″ height, 14″ length, 9″ depth (45 linear inches) / 56 x 35 x 23 cm (114 linear cm).

Delta Airlines will accept carry-on baggage within space availability limit. If there is no more available space at the time you board, your carry-on item will be gate checked, at no extra charge, and returned to you upon deplaning. This rule does not apply to assistive devices!

There is no maximum weight requirement for carry-on baggage, with the following exceptions:

  • Maximum 7 kg – Singapore (Changi International Airport).
  • Maximum 10 kg (22 lbs) – Beijing (Beijing Capital International Airport), Shanghai (Pudong International Airport).

Checked Baggage

For checked baggage, Delta requires outside personal identification, but also recommends inside identification details, just in case the outside identification gets lost.
When using Online or Mobile Check-in, all you have to do at the airport is go to the nearest “Baggage Drop” area, or curbside check-in station (starting 6 hours before departure), and drop off your bags.

Size and weight restrictions applied by Delta Airlines are:

  • Weight – 50 lbs (23 kg).
  • Size – 62 linear inches (157 linear cm).

Delta Airlines will charge you an extra fee³ (where appropriate, in addition to the excess baggage fee) for each bag that does not meet the above limitations. Delta Airlines accepts additional, oversized, and overweight baggage on a standby basis.

³Excess baggage fees

Baggage Service

Delta Airlines is not responsible for your unchecked baggage. Nevertheless, if you lose such an item on board, in the gate area or in a Delta Sky Club you have 7 days to fill out a Report Lost Items online. Where your item is found, Delta Airlines will contact you.

You can track checked baggage during and after your trip using the Bag Tag Number or File Reference Number, online or with the Delta Fly app.

If your checked baggage is delayed, lost or damaged you must notify a Delta Airlines representative from the Baggage Service Center, within time limitations, and you will receive a Property Irregularity Report with your File Reference Number. Then, with your File Reference Number, you must file an online claim, providing all necessary information and documentation.

Time limitations for baggage claims:

  • Domestic flights – 24 hours, for lost items from checked baggage, delayed or damaged checked baggage.

– 21 days, for lost baggage.

  • International flights – 7 days, for lost items from checked baggage or damaged checked baggage.

– 21 days, for delayed or lost checked baggage.

For delays of over 12 hours from the moment you report it, you can request a Delayed Bag Fee Rebate, under certain conditions. Also, you may file an”Out of Pocket Expense” form, for expense reimbursement.

For damaged baggage, all bags need to be appraised by the baggage service office personnel, immediately after the flight. Where Delta Airlines repairs your baggage, you can check up on repair status.

Delta Airlines is responsible only within the Delta Airlines Liability Limits unless you declare a higher valuation, and pay an excess valuation charge.

Before you start packing your bags review Delta Airlines baggage policy regarding:

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