Seat Map Delta Air Lines Boeing B757 200 (75D)

Seat map for Delta Air Lines Boeing B757 200 (75D)

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First Class37"21"20
Economy Comfort34"17.2"29
Economy Class30-32"17.2"150

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ToOrlando - Orlando International (MCO)
I was extremely pleased with seat 2B and the First Class experience. I was offered a drink immediately upon being seated and opted for a Mimosa which was fresh and tasty.I was initially not thrilled with the food choice of a hamburger or a Tandori Chicken Salad. I opted for the hamburger and was pleasantly surprised by the size and how fresh it was. Also, the dessert served with it was fantastic so I cannot complain about the food. The seat was very comfortable and wide enough for both myself and, for at least a few minutes, the small dog I needed to travel with on this trip. I did not recline the seat so I cannot comment on that. However, the passenger in front of me reclined his seat and this did not cause any feeling of confinement or discomfort. Service on this flight was excellent. Snacks and drinks were offered throughout the flight and the flight attendant was friendly and available at all times. This was an experience I would not hesitate to revisit and one that I would recommend to others. It definitely spoiled me from usually needing to fly coach.
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