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FromSan Francisco, CA-San Francisco International(SFO)
ToLondon-London Heathrow(LHR)
These are old seat designs and I would never recommend the isle seats because you have zero room to store anything except a little hard to open tray at the bottom of your seating area. The only other area is your food tray to put a laptop or paperwork or anything you need. The design is for women who weigh under 130 pounds and are 5"5. If you are a business traveler who is over 200 and over 6" like me it feels like a coffin. One of the most narrow business class seats I have ever sat in. Once fully extended to 6 ft one feels like they are in a pine box getting ready to be shipped to a mortuary. Best of all if you have the seat fully extended the staff have to step over your feet to get to the inside window passengers so they can deliver their meals or drinks. So you can be watching a movie with the chair extended and watch the flight attendants step over you while they provide service. Very odd to say the least. I hope BA plans to rip out these seats and replace with a better design. I further hope the design staff who came up with these bizarre seat configuration is no longer working for BA. The new American BC seats between LAX and LHR is superior on their new 77W's.

PS. Upper deck which is quiet and two restrooms. Service is polite and friendly. Uneven as they took my fork and never returned with another one so I ate my entree with a knife and spoon. :) Asked for a cheese plate but never got it.
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FromLondon - London Heathrow (LHR)
ToDallas, TX - Dallas/Fort Worth International (DFW)
Flew on 64A to DFW. I was so happy to be able to bag a top deck seat. It had a very exclusive feel to it . With the aisle seat partition it feels like you're in your own little airborne suite. You have more than enough room and loads or storage thanks to the large bins under the windows. Seat 64A is also the rear most seat, meaning you do not have to step over anyone to get into it. With the partition up, it feels very private. The seat is adjustable to every position you could ever need, including of course lie flat.
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FromSan Francisco, CA-San Francisco International (SFO)
ToLondon-London Heathrow (LHR)
This seat is down as "Beware" but in face it is one of the best in World Traveller.

Full recline, about 1 inch of extra legroom vs other sin WT and the benefit of a gap behind to toss old newspapers etc, and no person behind moving your seat.

In reality you don't get much noise from the toilet behind, and you are close to the galley for snacks.

Even better if 36B is empty as it was on my last flight.

HOWEVERE beware 36C - it sticks out into the corridor so people will hold the top of your seat when standing for the toilet.

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ToLondon-London Heathrow(LHR)
First Class? Well not quite BA ... The seats are very cramped up in the nose of the B747 and the width of the seats are about the same as in Business class, with still (can you believe it) not one little space to place a phone, a pair of glasses, etc. This results in everyone falling off and into/behind the seat during the night while one is sleeping. How much did BA spend for these new seats???
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FromJohannesburg-Oliver Reginald Tambo International (JNB)
ToLondon-London Heathrow (LHR)
Overall a very nice Business class flat-bed seat in the upper deck. Aisle seat, so no need to go over someone else to get out, and because it was the first row and the window seat was facing backwards, no one goes over you! The only drawback is that there is absolutely no place to put anything - your eyeglasses, your paper trash, your water bottle...
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