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I had the window seat and my daughter the aisle seat of this Twin combo on the right side of the British Airways A380-800 aircraft. We swapped mid-flight so that my daughter could sleep while resting her head on the luggage bin.
I am 5'10" so generally suffer in Economy seats on long haul flights but I was suitably impressed with BA's A380-800's seats, which were roomier than Virgin's. Despite the entertainment box, about which many complain and that occupied part of the legroom space of my window seat, I was able to extend my right leg alongside the body of the aircraft and the seat in front so the box did not present an issue, at all.
The back-rest of the seat in front was broken and kept springing backwards but, apart from one jolt to my leg while I slept, this did not affect me in the least. Because our day had started at 4.00 a.m. with a four-hour drive and a 2.5 hour connecting flight, I was suitably tired when boarding our overnight A380 flight and, perhaps, any anticipated inconveniences became inconsequential.
However, while I am a huge B747 fan, I can confirm that our A380 was a lovely, clean, smooth and quiet aircraft, our steward was a great entertainer and the flight was a pleasant experience, overall. The window provided a great view outside and of the enormous wing to the front.
Our steward kindly warned us that because we were in front of the galley, there would be noise for one hour into our flight but, following dinner service, the curtain would be closed and peace prevail.
The cabin crew did not bother us with their dinner preparations. However, a couple of passengers irritated me as they pushed through the curtain, leaving it slightly open for the light to glare through. Each time, I was forced to close the gap in the curtain to return the cabin to darkness.

One should be mindful of the fact that because these seats are at the back of the aeroplane, the recline is not as great as those in the rest of the cabin, so these should be avoided if this is an important consideration.
The luggage bins in the Upper Deck were a huge asset since we always travel light with hand luggage and, therefore, did not require the overhead lockers.
BA's caterers are superior to the South African caterers who provided the JNB to LHR leg's food. The food was bland and uninteresting and I was surprised to find that they had provided margarine instead of butter! We selected the Ovo Lacto Vegetarian option and, for some reason, airline caterers seem to think that Vegetarians eat only pasta and fruit! Fruit for dinner and the same fruit for breakfast!
While the LHR-JNB leg's food was superb - and, yes ... included a delicious pasta meal - the JNB-LHR leg's menu was disappointing.
Two sets of toilets to the front serve the back cabin, which was small and intimate. Perhaps, because it was an overnight flight, there was not a constant footfall to the toilets, the sound of flushing, banging of the doors or blast of light into the cabin as the doors were opened and closed.

Many would not choose the rear seats but we found them to be perfectly acceptable. Perhaps, we were lucky with our particular cabin crew and fellow passengers or the fact that it was a red-eye flight. Whatever ... I do not have any complaints.
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Nice exit row seat. Lots of leg room but as noted slightly narrower due to the tray table in the armrest. Also, no loose bags on the floor during takeoff and landing, so all bags have to go in the overheads. There is not really a lot of space overhead either so try and board early or keep carry-ons small. You can't really put bags a row or two ahead as that is WT+ (although a flight attendant could do so for you, I suppose).

The window seat has a tiny magazine slot for the usual inflight info, and there is enough space between the side of the seat and the wall to put a blanket and some newspapers or reading material. Frustratingly, the seat behind has a window storage bin (and also underseat storage) so I guess you could say this layout is a bit of a design failure. On my flight, the passenger behind me was in and out of his window bin perhaps 100 times over a six-hour flight. This was slightly annoying as the "click" of the latch is magnifies my the hard window above and is just a few inches from your ear (even unreclined).

There is no window at this seat (which may or may not be an issue). The emergency exit door itself has a tiny window up quite high so if you are up out of your seat you can sort of take a look, but as the upper deck is far up on the curve of the fuselage, you can't really see the ground well.

Some reviews of this seat mention the "bump" protruding from the exit door and the proximity to the washroom. The bump is not an issue, although you do need to sort of thread you way in and out of the seat (again due to the curved wall as well). The floor area is completely clear (I'm 6'3" and there was room to stretch my legs completely and then probably another 2'). I took my carryon bag down and positioned it as a footrest, which was quite comfortable.

The "bump" makes it impossible for anyone to stand too closely in front of you, so while the queue for the washroom might be a bit of a problem for the aisle seat, it's not a problem for the window. There are two washrooms at the front of this section and then two more at the back (which also serve the smaller rear section).

This was a BA Economy flight, so pleasant and professional service but every year it is lower value. Now there is no snack with the first drink service, and the "lunch" an hour before arrival was a bag of crisps. The meal itself was just OK - very average.

I would rate this seat much better than the WT+ (Premium Economy) seat one row ahead on the aisle. While that seat is slighty wider, it has less legroom, almost identical food service (BA has brought back the better cutlery due to competition but the food itself is no better). That seat is much too close to the washroom, however. You could almost put your hand on the toilet seat with the door open while sitting in your seat. That's just horrible - especially for a "premium" seat. (Virgin's 787 has a similar set of Economy seats. There really should be a law that you can't be served food within at least two metres/yards of a toilet seat. Awful
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FromLondon - London Heathrow (LHR)
ToLos Angeles - Los Angeles International (LAX)
Actually this was a round trip, but my seat #64E on the upper level was in the middle in Premium Economy. It was a bit wider and more leg room with leg rest. It was the only seat I could find and paid $84.00 for it. It was no worth it. I was not happy, but the other option would have been at the end of the plane by the lavatories. The woman next to me got drunk because of the free alcohol that British airways was serving. She broke a glass, luckily my foot was not in the way. She was in and out of her seat to the lavatories and up and down to get her carryone out. she even left the luggage next to her seat blocking some of the aisle and it was hard for me to cross over the luggage to walk out of my middle seat. I am disapointed at British Airways' for serving free alcohol. There is not need to it. People become drunk and lose control and become abnoxious. The seat design is not the greatest. The food was average, but the pizza was terrible. The portions were limited. Quality of could be have been better. Layover in London for 5 hours was a too long. And above that there was an additional 1 hour - delay before departure. My fitbit regisered 2+ miles from the walking I did at the British terminal waiting. The woman in the seat in front of me had her seat reclined in my face and I was not able to move. Some people are so unconsiderate to others. On the other hand, the older man from Los Angeles - on my left side - was a respectful man, pleasant to talk to, careful with his moving in and out of his seat.

Glass bottles, cups, etc. should not be used. Alcohol should not be served. reducing the prices of the tickets is much better than all the nonsense freebies Bristish airways gives the traveller. The point is for all passengers to travel safely and eat enough to be able to rest and get to your destination on time and without delays.

Also, carryone luggage is getting out of control because the airlines are overcharging for each piece of luggage. People bring 2 or 3 carryon pieces and they stuff it in the overhead compartment if there is room and then, they get up and open the bin and get their stuff out and again and again.

Anyway, it is what it is, the airlines are in it for making money. I will keep on travelling but in a different category, perhaps my experience would be better. Enjoy travelling!
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FromLondon - London Heathrow (LHR)
ToHong Kong - Hong Kong International (HKG)
This was our first journey on the A380 and our first using he BA World Traveller Plus. We chose the mid section seats in order to remain clear of the toilets and areas where people tend to congregate. The actual cabin is not that impressive and does not stand out from the World Traveller cabin compared with Virgin and Air New Zealand and that does take the edge off things as the price difference is not an insignificant amount. The pre flight drink going to HKG was a choice of water or Cava the later was quite nice but on the return he offer was only water or orange. Again this in no way matches Virgin and Air New Zealand. That said the staff were lovely on all flights and very attentive. The food was ok but again nothing special but the wines on offer were of an excellent choice. The seats are comfortable and on a long flight the upgrade to WT Plus is worth every penny. Loads of legroom and bags of recline. So much so we managed at least 4 hours sleep on our return flight. I am not sure why BA installed the window boxes for seats A and B. OK it is useful but in truth it is a massive waste of space and without it the seats could have been widened to match Virgin Premium Economy and all 7 seats in each row would have been more comfortable and desirable. The In Flight Entertainment was OK but not as extensive as other airlines but on the return flight sleep was more important. In summing up I did enjoy both my A380 flights but feel that BA needs to take a serious look at other airlines and make the Plus that bit more special.
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FromLondon, Heathrow
ToBoston - Logan International (BOS)
72A is an economy seat on the upper deck just behind the wing. The upper deck on an A380 is as quiet and smooth as you'll find on a plane. The upper deck seat config in economy on BA is 2-3-2. The window seat has a personal storage bin between the seat and bulkhead which is deep and not only useful for storage but is valuable additional resting/table space when the lid is shut. But it's further to reach the bulkhead if wanting to lean on the bulkhead to rest. I chose seat 72A and have sat in it before on this plane. It is near the front of the upper economy cabins and midway between two windows. That means two viewing options and some bulkhead next to your head, and the possibility of utilising two storage bins one of which is definitely yours. The leg room is just adequate and average economy. I'm 5'8" and average build. If the passenger in front reclines the space is tight and claustrophobic. (The front row adjacent to the emergency exit has legroom but no storage as the bulkhead narrows there and no window and pax tend to wait there for the toilet). The room for your feet under the window seats like 72A is restricted by a metal box under the seat in front that houses ife equipment but you can stretch your window-side leg between the floor fixing of the seat in front and the bulkhead which alleviates the issue. The seat has an adjustable headrest with side wings. But the seat padding is barely adequate for a prolonged period. This seat is OK for a mid-haul daytime flight (say east coast US). I've also been in it for 12 hours overnight, which is not restful.
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FromSingapore - Changi (SIN)
ToLondon - London Heathrow (LHR)
Paid the extra £31 to choose this seat 2 days before the flight- was easy to do, wanted to experience the upper deck as not been on A380 before. In a party of 5 who had the seats behind: 82j & k and 83 J and k. We're pleased we had. Airbus is very comfortable- the seats width snd legroom seemed on a par with our 777 flight in prem econ to Hong Kong- so seemed good value. We got the usual blanket but also toothbrush which was nice extra. Service from both stewards was great- polite, efficient and quick. Entertainment system was good and worked very well. Liked that the seat rest goes up which makes it easier to get in and out. The 5 inches of extra room on the window side is a great help as is the window side boxes which stored our hand luggage and duty free so no need to put things under chairs which meant all the legroom was for legs. Got 6 hours sleep so figured the night flight mode and quietness of this back cabin was good. The stewards do go up and down but didn't interrupt my sleep. Quieter aircraft than 777 and the cabin at the rear on upper deck is smaller in rows of seats so feels more like prem econ. The 2 back seats in 83 which carry the bad seat wRning on seat guru were fine for our teenagers. They weren't bothered by the galley at all and enjoyed the flight a lot. Would say being on upper deck was worth it.
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when i realised the plane was going to be the a380 airbus i was excited to be flying it however i had booked late and had no choice over the seat also asked for a upgrade but told there was none available. i suffer from a bad back as i had a disc removed several years ago. to say the least the room in this seat was terrible the people in front of me put there seat back as far as they could . the lady in front of me hair was in my face could not see the tv screen. and when the steward came round with drinks i could not get my table out because of the seat in front of me being down got no sleep was in total pain by the end of the flight.legroom was average for cattle class seat width was okay seat recline was okay entertainment was okay if you could see the screen or play the games. the food was the worst i have seen on any british airways flight the curry was garbage the sweet was odd . the breakfast in the morning was attrocius a hard bagle with a little bit of cream cheese .this trip i have done 7 flights and this one was by far the worst i have experianced with ba or anybody the service was good for the time the cabin staff had
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FromJohannesburg - Oliver Reginald Tambo International (JNB)
ToLondon - London Heathrow (LHR)
Dreadfull, the seat is reasonably comfortable providing you stay still. Any kind of movment is problomatic due to the confined space. Prior to and during takeoff, and during meal service one is virtually face to face with two people who may be strangers. Added to that is food being passed over your fellow passengers to you. When everything is stowed, retreiving anything is a nightmare, especially when the bed is flat. Also the toilet becomes a challenge, clambering over the legs of a fellow passenger who may or may not be asleep. Definitely the worst seat configuration in business class have ever encountered. I have flown round the world several times, and flown between the UK and USA/ SA frequently with various airlines. This crew were professional and courteous, but somewhat distant. The food was at best average, but running out of vegetarian meals and fruit on an aircraft which was by no means full seemed a bit odd. The 380, my first, was very impressive, with a decent seat configuration it could be a winner. These particular toilets were excellent, as was the wine. BA needs to do better, will not be using BA for longhaul business class until that configuration is changed.
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First time on an A380. Booked BA version of economy plus, which is branded as World Traveler Plus. Nice cabin and decent seat on the top deck. Excellent legroom, comfortable seat that reclines well, but for me, not sleepable. The aircraft is quiet and offered a comfortable ride. The IFE was a disaster! The system would lock-up if you accessed the map function, you know, the one with the airplane that barely moves over the ground during the flight. The seats are well designed except when it comes to plugging in the supplied two pronged headsets. The plug port is situated on the inboard side of the seat at thigh level, which makes it perfect for bending the headphone jacks off in the ports with your butt when standing up. This was the case with my seat where a previous passenger had done just that, so I could not have any audio for my non-funtional IFE. 11 hours was a very long time to spend without any diversions! The FAs where kind enough and as helpful as they could be. The food was horrible (advanced meal request not acknowledged) and the drinks where not offered with enough frequncy.
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FromLondon - London Heathrow (LHR)
ToSingapore - Changi (SIN)
This seat has plenty of room. It has a lot of adjustments to recline and lumbar support, and extends to a flat bed. The table folds away nicely and moves backwards and forwards to create room. The TV pops out of the adjoining seat structure and I was able to pass it it get out without closing it. There is a small draw to put nick nacks. The big downside for this seat is that it is close to the toilet. My wife was in 15B an sometimes there were several people queueing for the toilet, and she felt uncomfortable with this. Seat 15 A has aisle access behind the 15B seat which is a benefit. Another downside is that the seat is right over the huge wing so the view out of the widow wasn't good. I'll get some good earplugs for our next trip, because these are decent seats except for proximity to the toilet. Service from the crew was exceptional. Food was served as if in a restaurant and it was lovely and very tasty
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