British Airways minors flying alone

Are children allowed to travel alone on British Airways flights?

Effective from January 31, 2017, British Airways no longer offers the Skyflyer Solo service, nor any other Unaccompanied Minor service. Children cannot travel alone and must be accompanied by an adult aged 16 or over.

On SUN-AIR of Scandinavia flights (BA8200-8299), children aged  5 to 11 years are allowed to travel alone with the SUN-AIR Unaccompanied Minor service. Children 12 years old and over can travel alone, although young adults aged 12  to 16 years can use the Unaccompanied Minor service if requested. There is a service fee for the SUN-AIR Unaccompanied Minor service that must be booked and paid for in advance.

Which age restrictions for children traveling alone apply on British Airways flights?

Effective from May 1, 2018, the minimum age for children traveling alone on British Airways flights is 14 years of age. Also, all young adults aged 14 to 16 and traveling alone must carry a parental/guardian consent form filled out by the parent/guardian before travel. Bookings for young adults cannot be made online. You must contact British Airways to make the booking.

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